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Posted by: Ric Nimrod 12-4-02 12:01am

Most of you know how I feel about the EU. Nimrod say EU=PU. IT STINKS! There are, of course, exceptions. I like the Shadows Of The Empire line of products and story and the recent children's books about Boba Fett are also fun... but other than that I have not much use for it.

So F'in what Nimrod, what's the point!

Well, my last column I threw in a line about the RUMORED Stars Wars cartoon and it sparked a HUGE flow of eMails. The topics ranged from wondering if the cartoon would be considered cannon or EU to would people who don't like the EU stuff accept the cartoon.

What is my take? It is a little tuff for me to say. I think the bottom line is that if it is NOT on the big screen then it is speculation. The Star Wars universe is mythology and story telling, and there are many stories to be told in that world BUT if it does not come from the man who invented the world, King George Lucas, then it is this Nimrods opinion the it is EU.

BUT NIMROD, there MUST be exceptions to this rule of the big screen!
The mighty nimrod says INDEED there are, but they are FEW and FAR between.

SW cannon = DIRECT input from King George, NOT a LucasFilm lackey.
This makes the Ewok movies cannon BUT it does not make the Holiday Special cannon.

If the cartoon was produced in house and King George was a producer then the cartoon would INDEED be cannon, and NOT EU.

Either way, I pray for this cartoon to happen.


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