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Posted by: Bill Cable 4-2-03 12:01am
Here's the deal... we want YOU to pay US to make fun of you. Makes total sense, right?

Why would you even consider? Well, because you're gonna get hits off you ad EVEN IF we make fun of you in the listing. I mean, who wants to read a dull "for sale" news item anyways?

So here's the skinny... for $15 we'll post your link. That's as cheap as a featured listing on eBay! We'll call you scum. We'll call you a scalper. We'll call ourselves whores. And you'll get more hits.

We can link to anything you have to sell... your store, your eBay auction, or your "items for sale" page. All we ask is for complete editorial freedom. The one concession we'll allow is for you to decide whether we can use profanity or not. If you want your ad to be family-friendly, we're happy to comply. But we will make all other content decisions.

So now you're asking, "Does this really work??" Don't take our word for it... we ran a promo for Jason Coulston's 12" vintage auctions. After they "outperformed the market" (JC's words), he wanted to give us a little plug. And I sure hope you'll take his sage advice...

"I often hear people complaining about how much sucks, but they sure don't when it comes to my auctions! Time and time again Bill and the creative team at seem to come up with inventive ways of both making me look like an ass, and driving bidder traffic to my auctions at the same time! I'm sure anybody out there making a serious go at selling on eBay knows you certainly can't turn to message boards to promote your crap, so you might as well give your hard-earned $15. It worked for me, it can work for you! Thanks, you really do suck... err, you know what I mean."

R. Jason Coulston

We're limiting the number of for sale posts to one per day, so your site will be in the spotlight when it's posted.

Are you up for the challenge? Can you face your greatest fears? Are you willing to give it a try? Then E-mail me at and I'll give you the nitty-gritty details.