Hasbro Q&A
Posted by: Beedo Sookcool 11.18.09 12:01am

Wa tetu dat uta, gang! It's time for the latest batch of Hasbro Q&A, and this time it's bad news for variant collectors, I'm afraid. You'd better read on . . . .

CreatureCantina.com:Dear Hasbro: In my opinion, the cardback is a greatly under-appreciated form of art. Ever since I was a lad, I've often fantasized about the exciting if not magical life of the cardback copywriter, composing the provocative and succinct blurbs on the back of action figure packaging. It is hard to conceive of a greater power for a man to wield than to shape and mold the imagination of subsequent generations. That being said, what Star Wars figure do you believe had the best written cardback (or Force File) material in history of the line?
- Tresob Yr, staff writer and literary fantasist

Hasbro: Our copywriter was overjoyed to get your letter - she really appreciates the passion that you have for her work. She approaches it with the same gusto, and we have to constantly keep her power-mad tendencies in check! Her personal favorite to work on was the Unleashed 7" series - just like the figure and packaging were "unleashed," she was also given liberty to create a new paradigm for that line. Her personal favorite from this line was Boba Fett Unleashed, repeated here for you: "As the hungry Sarlacc holds Boba Fett in its lashing tentacles, you would expect Fett to rage at fate for bringing him to this hideous circumstance. But Fett never allows himself a second of weakness or self-pity. From the moment he witnessed the brutal death of his father in the first battle of the Clone Wars, Boba Fett has dealt with the injustices and vagaries of life in a cold, calculating manner. Encased in armor and hidden behind a battle helmet, Fett has cut himself off from the universe, protecting himself from the dangers of his work as a bounty hunter, and also, perhaps, from the pain of loving and losing anyone else dear to him. Even as he struggles within the deadly Pit of Carkoon, Boba Fett exemplifies a harsh enforcer of his own code of honor and justice. He is armed not only with powerful weapons but also with the superb survival and martial arts skills taught to him by his father. If it could be possible for anyone to emerge alive from the carnivorous maw of the Sarlacc, that person would be Boba Fett." Thanks for the question!

CC: Please find attached a picture one of my most recent customs, Captain Fordo from the Battle of Coruscant in Genndy Tartakovsky's The Clone Wars, Volume II. So, now that I've made Fordo for myself, how soon can we expect an official Hasbro version, with a more accurate harness and pauldron and a better paint job? ;)
-A. Nonymous, loyal reader and bender of Murphy's Law

H: That's a sharp-looking figure! Thanks for sharing. We wish he could come sooner, but right now, a new Captain Fordo is slotted for mid-2011.

CC: The scuttlebutt I've been seeing online gives the impression that the "replacement" figures (the Beardless Hoth Rebel, the Tusked Grey-Clad Ugnaught, and possibly the Second Bespin Guard) were produced in far, far smaller numbers than was originally planned. Would it be silly of me to recommend having another, larger run of these guys, perhaps as part of a money-saving "repaint / re-release" wave (as happened with the 30th Anniversary Collection), to give people a chance to catch up? I'm sure there are still folks out there wishing to get their hands on some ROTS 501st Clone Troopers, Pit Droids, Battle Droids, and other army-builder types. Just a thought.
- Beedo Sookcool, staff writer and down-on-his-luck hunter

H: Right now we don't have another repaint wave lined up, but we are working on ways to get at least two of them out somehow. We can now confirm that the beardless Hoth Rebel did not make it into any retail case packs, and so he technically remains unreleased. The second Bespin Guard will likewise never make it out either. The gray Ugnaught will be out soon, but based on sluggish (so far) demand for the blue one we do not have any plans to re-release either of the Ugnaught.

And that's the scoop. The Ugnaughts are getting a raw deal, as are people who want an vast workforce of the little blighters for their displays. On the upside, An Official Fordo is in the works. Until next time, folks, take it as easy as possible, and may your hunts be rewarding!