Hasbro Q&A: The Holiday Special Edition
Posted by: Beedo Sookcool 12.26.07 12:01am
For the first time in like six months we here at CC.com decided to participate the the Hasbro Q&A program. Yes, we're lazy like that. But Bill got this E-mail saying "Last chance in 2007" and figured "Well, if it's our last chance we'd better get off our lazy asses and take advantage of it! And this we did. Enjoy the Qs and As...

CreatureCantina.com: Are there any times you want to pimp-slap the askers of some of the more obnoxiously smug and self-important "Why didn't you do it like THIS?" questions in these forums? YOU know the ones I mean.

Hasbro: It's all cool. We wouldn't be having so much fun ourselves making Star Wars rock along if there weren't equally passionate fans there to share the excitement, speculate, debate, and just talk Star Wars in general. So we keep it all in perspective. Besides, if things ever get really nasty, there are plenty of Bounty Hunters at Chalmun's, and some of them work for peanuts.

CC: Any chance you guys could STOP packing your figures in their bubbles in "action poses" with their weapons in hand to prevent the type of warping as seen below (please refer to images), please? The amount of water I've had to boil lately to get my figures and accessories straightened out again is frightening. Thank you!

H: This is a tricky thing. One of the best on-shelf innovations that has helped our Star Wars figures continue to excite has been the engineering team's work on posing in-pack for a very dynamic presentation. It is highly unlikely we will ever go back to the "old way" except probably for the Saga Tin/Vintage style executions, but we will continue to look for ways to improve. Thanks for the comment.

CC: Would you ever consider offering a Christmas Taun Taun exclusive that plays the Christmas Taun Tauns song? That would be AWESOME!!

H: That would be awesome! But, alas, we don't have plans.