Action Figures & Their Beers - I got the blues so good

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2015-03-19, 07:29:02


Hey, guess what? I recently got a third bottle of beer as a gift in as many weeks! They say the measure of a man can be judged by his friends. If that’s the case, I must be one Hell of a guy, because I’ve sure got amazing friends!

My buddy and colleague Alex (who also recommended Old Crafty Hen to me, as well as a couple of other ales) recently gave me this beer (produced ostensibly by Blueberry Bros.) as a present. And, of course, it would be rude not to tell the whole internet of his generosity and spread word of the lovely beer he gave me. And with a name like Blue Yonder, it just had to be paired with Sky High – the Heroic Warriors’ daring ace pliot. Who is also blue (and, apparently, is also obsessed with Meteorbs). He started out as a generic, nameless background character painted into a poster just to give the Wind Raider a pilot, and as Willrow Hood will attest, nameless background guys can develop a ravenous fandom who will not rest until they get an action figure, dammit! Image

Before I get into the beer, you’re probably wondering why all three beers in this latest batch of AF&TB have been paired with MOTU Classics figures. Well, mainly it’s because I’ve pretty much given up on collecting any other lines, for money and space issues. Yes, I’ve even cut so far back on Star Wars that I might as well have given up on that, too. I’ve got a mere ten Star Wars figures on “pre-order” (I loathe that term) for the next six months, whereas I used to order whole waves of figures and vehicles in one go. Also, you get a much wider variety of characters in anything related to Masters of the Universe, from straight-up barbarians to cyborg cowboys to ninjas to monsters to attractive women in revealing clothing and just about everything else in between. With Star Wars, you’ve essentially got to choose from Jedi, Sith, Rebels, Troopers, Robots, and Scum, and I think I’ve pretty much exhausted those options by now.

So, yes, according to the tiny, tiny writing on the label, it’s a half-liter of 4.0% ABV “well-balanced refreshing beer with a hint of blueberry.” It’s made with water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops, yeast (no, we’re not told about varieties, cultivars, or strains on this one), and blueberry extract. And I loves me some blueberries and practically anything blueberry-flavoured. The blueberries were apparently provided by Blueberry Bros. / Yonder Berries, Ltd. Of Lustleigh, Devon, and the beer was brewed . . . hang on, the printing’s practically microscopic, here . . . by . . . Hunter’s Brewery . . . .

Wait, Hunter’s?! As in Hunter’s Brewery of Ipplepen, Devon? The people who brought us Crack Shot, Half Bore, Full Bore, Black Jack, Pheasant Plucker, and Hunter’s Gold, all of which I enjoyed immensely? This bodes well!

So I carefully pour the contents of the bottle into the requisite Garison Carida pilsner glass. A nice head of foam develops – enough to look nice and frothy, but not too much. Is it my imagination, or a trick of the light on an overcast English morn, or is there an ever-so-slight mauve tinge to the trickle coming out? When it’s all poured out, it’s definitely a dark amber colour. But I can’t shake the feeling that around the edges, the beer’s a bit purple. Kind of like Hoth Han’s Blue Coat / Brown Coat debate. Or, to be more up-to-date, the White-&-Gold Dress / Black-&-Blue Dress debate. (Or whatever. I didn’t pay any attention to that last one; that was just silly and pointless.)

Anywho, whereas Southern Tier would try to make this beer taste like blueberry muffins or blueberry pie or blueberry danishes or whatever (which I’m sure they’d do a knee-tremblingly splendid job on, by the way), this is just a lovely low-key ale that smells and tastes like it’s had some fresh blueberries squeezed into it. If it were any form of baked good, it would be a toasted blueberry bagel. It’s slightly tart, a bit fruity, and . . . understated? That’s not a bad thing. The Southern Tier beers of the last two weeks were undoubtedly delicious, but I also felt somewhat pressured into loving them because of all the blurbs and data and intense sensations. I loved them anyway, but still, there was that tickly little feeling that you’re expected to. Blue Yonder, however, you can just relax with. I think it might be the most mellow of the Hunter’s Brews I’ve ever had. Didn’t get skunky while I savoured and reviewed it over the course of half an hour. It’s a smooth, malty ale with a tasty inkling of blueberries. Two of my favourite things together. That’s it. And, honestly, that’s all it needs. Just the thing for relaxing after seven 10-hour night shifts in a row! Yeah, definitely worth a try, this stuff. And I’m going to see if I can track down some more. Highly recommended.

I have a confession: as soon as I jokingly wrote about “blueberry danish” beer up there, I wondered what that might be like. And then my brain kicked into gear, and ol’ MixMaster Beedo hit upon an idea. To the last couple of mouthfuls of Blue Yonder left in the glass, I added a little drizzle of Monin Lavender syrup and stirred it up. The sugar and citrus and lavender of the syrup perfectly complemented the malt and the blueberry, and by my beard, I got blueberry danish ale! Very highly recommended!

And so once again, I am indebted to a friend for shoving an excellent beer in my direction. Thanks, Alex. Thalex.

Drink this if you also like: Fruit beers, mellow ales, blueberries, any other Hunter’s Brewery fare.


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