Toy Fair: The scraps

by Bill Cable
on 2014-02-24, 08:12:34

Toy Fair: The scraps

Today I'm gonna wrap up my Toy Fair coverage with the few photos I have left that didn't really fit in anywhere else. I'll begin with my companion for the trip - staff photographer (where are those photos??) Joe K!

Next, one of the nicest things I saw at TF was these Iron Man toys from Yes Anime. The sculpts are spectacular. The deco is beautiful. And the 3rd and 4th figures are almost 2' tall. Really amazing stuff. On par with Hot Toys. I love that the Mark 42 (or whatever) comes with a Pepper face. (BTW, two small-scale figures are roughly 8" tall, if you were curious)

I went to the Mattel event. I sent the MOTU photos off to Beedo, who did a nice write-up. There were some other Batman figures I took photos of, but I didn't feel like posting them. But one of the more interesting items they introduced was the return of the 1980's Super Powers line. Sort of. Same card art. New figures. And a $30-a-pop price point! Too rich for my blood, but the nostalgia might draw in some customers.

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