Action Figures & Their Beers - Gunn Play, Part 1

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2013-02-25, 03:15:11


I seem to have found a lot more use for my TransFormers in this run of AF&TB than I have for all previous series combined. I happened to be on a dedicated beer run to Waitrose, having heard of some good stuff from our cousins who dropped by the night before, and came across a line I’ve wanted to cover owing to suggestions by some of my co-workers, but couldn’t think of a way to do so. And then the other shoe dropped, as I was standing in front of the beers & ciders. Innis & Gunn . . . Gun . . . Gun-themed action figure . . . Megatron. Obvious, really. I’ve got a few different versions of Megatron, and Innis & Gunn of Edinburgh have three different brews available in my area, so let’s have a three-part Innis & Gunn / Megatron miniseries! Image

Now, granted, unless I can find a tiny, tiny wig, there is no way of getting a blonde Megatron. So, I’ll just match this little 330mL beer with my smallest Megatron, namely the Legends-class version that turns into a mini-derringer-sized pistol, which can be held by any of the larger TransFormers with huge hands and jointed fingers, like Unicron, Primus, Constructicon Maximus, Bruticus Maximus, Omega Supreme, and . . . well, I can’t think of any others, really. Okay, so going by the labels, this iteration of Innis & Gunn is matured for 37 days prior to release. Like the other beers this brewer makes, it’s aged in American oak casks (“seamed with flavour”), which purports to give the end product a vanilla-oak-fruity character.

What I get out of this lovely little 6% ABV beer is a heaping pile of refreshment. Yeah, if I concentrate, I think I actually can detect a sweet vanilla and vaguely fruit-like tang, on top of the subtle resinous oaken notes (imagine the taste of licking up some spilled vanilla ice-cream from a well-made wooden table, then washing it down with beer), but mostly this beer is just plain clean, crisp, and refreshing. Next week: The Innis & Gunn / Megatron miniseries continues!

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