Beedo's Star Wars Lego Reviews - Bantha II, Kithaba 0

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2013-02-08, 09:35:30

One of my three favourite vehicles from The Saga (along with the Lambda-class shuttle and AT-AT) is the Ubrikkian Bantha II cargo skiff, better known as the Tatooine skiff or desert skiff. It was a very rare and cool Kenner toy when I was a kid in 1985, and a slightly less rare and still cool Hasbro toy when I finally picked up a couple of them 14 years later as a Target exclusive. There’s something about the bold, clean lines and functional yet elegant design of the skiff that evokes an Art Deco aesthetic, and I love Art Deco with a dewey-eyed passion. I have since picked up a couple of other skiff-related toys, and so naturally, I felt I should add the new Lego version to my collection, as well . . . .

  • Box contents: 3 large parts bags with a few smaller bags therein, a few loose larger parts, 4 mini-figures with accessories, instruction book
  • Features: Swing-out plank, movable steering fins, weapons storage compartment, launching flick-missile, movable control levers, poseable sarlacc
  • Figures: Jedi Luke w/ lightsaber hilt and blade, Skiff Guard Lando with helmet and force pike, Kithaba with pistol, Boba Fett with capelet, jetpack, rifle, and helmet with swivelling rangefinder. Image Image

Fully assembled: Image

It’s international law that anything that looks like that has to have an Audrey II quote coming out of it at some point. Also, I believe this version of the skiff is bigger than the one which came with the original Jabba’s Sail Barge set. (And there’s word of a new Sail Barge set coming out in June this year . . . .) Image

Storage space. Always appreciated in any vehicle, be it a Ford Mustang or a flying boat from another planet. The protruding grey tab below Luke’s feet is used to swing out the gangplank, as we shall see in the next photo . . . . Image Image Image

Seriously, though. It’s bad enough having foreigners (i.e. non-British people) ask me why I’m doing a pirate impression (or a Hagrid impression) when I speak in my native Devonian accent, but when they try to imitate it and get it very badly wrong, it really grinds my gears. But then, I’m just a sensitive guy. Ooh, ar. Image

As you can see, the sarlacc’s beak will easily hold a standard mini-figure. They’ll even fit all the way in. Image

And you can trust Boba Fett when it comes to firing missiles on toys. (Except for that R5-D4 abomination from the mid-1990s. That sucked rancid dewback poop.) The obligatory flick-missile launcher, under Boba’s feet. These days, Lego will put a missile-launcher on just about as many things as Kenner / Hasbro would! Image

Amazing detailing on such teeny guys. As with the A-Wing Starfighter review, I couldn’t even make out some of the details on these mini-figures until I was looking at a 2600-pixel-wide picture (before I shrank it down to a more manageable 690-pixel width). The improvements on the helmet sculpts and paint & decoration applications are an order of magnitude above the original versions Lego released. Shame Lando didn’t get an extra hair piece, though. Image

You get a whole bag full of rangefinders and visors with this set. Nice! I still have no idea what “w00t” means, but I have been assured that I am using it in the correct context in this instance. Ar. Image Image Image

Why not the old jetpack they used for the original Boba Fett mini-figure? Was it a moulding issue? That’s the only real complaint I have about this set. Image Image

Several minutes later . . . .

p> Image Image

Is there anything that could’ve been done to make this set even cooler? Ar, but not much. Certainly the right model jetpack for Boba. Maybe more teeth on the sarlacc and some more skiff guard mini-figures, and the second skiff with all of its guards. But that’s about it. So, realistically speaking, just the jetpack and maybe the teeth, then.

In my next Star Wars Lego review, I’ll take a look at the cutest version of one of the ugliest creatures: the rancor. And the set it comes with. Ar. is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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