Action Figures & Their Beers: Amy & Amiability

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-06-12, 23:20:05


Another Teignworthy brew! And, yes, the headline’s a direct Blackadder the Third reference. “This ale celebrates a brewer and a Brewster’s first born - a baby called Amy who’s (sic) birthday is 11 March 1997!” Uncaught spelling error aside, this 4.8% ABV ale is very nice. It’s barely fizzy and only very mildly carbonated (bubbles form on the insides of the glass, but mostly just sit there), looks like the first orange-brown pee of the morning, and you have to pour it out gently to avoid any yeast sediment making its way into your glass, but you get a glassful of really good beer out of it, so I ain’t complaining. Image

Naturally, this ale gets teamed up with The Eleventh Doctor’s companion, Amy Pond. The Doctor seems to have developed a taste for bossy redheads in his later years, hasn’t he? Donna Noble, Queen Elizabeth I of the House of Tudor, Amy Pond . . . who’s next, Jessica Rabbit?

Extremely mellow, fragrant, and only very slightly citrus-tangy with a long-lasting, pleasant, mouth-watering aftertaste, it’s very similar to the other Teignworthy brews I’ve tried, but that’s a good thing. The ingredients list . . . uh . . . lists . . . “Water, Malted barley & wheat, Yeast, Hops, Isinglass.” Yeah, I wondered that, too, so I looked it up. Isinglass, derived from the Dutch huysenblas (“sturgeon’s bladder”), is a kind of gelatin obtained from fish. Don’t get wussy on me. If it results in a beer that tastes this good, they can brew it with hagfish slime, for all I care. And I can definitely see this making a good accompaniment to fish & chips, as well as snacks in general. About the only people I wouldn’t recommend this beer to are those with seafood allergies, just to be on the safe side. Everyone else: buck up and try this stuff. It’s low-key and delicious.

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