Action Figures & Their Beers: Cat Scratch Fever

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-06-04, 13:41:00

Lotta things going on here, before I get into the article. First, I'm sick. Not Deathly Man Flu sick, but Weakening and Uncomfortable Weekend Virus Where You Spend Most of Your Time Sleeping sick. Which means I've missed most of the televised Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It also means I missed out on a producing a Diamond Jubilee AF&TB special, because I didn't spend enough time conscious to try to import photos to my new computer (all the ones I've posted so far, and for months to come, have been directly transferred from my old computer). Also, my camera's acting up again. Maybe next week. But things kind of worked out, because today's AF&TB entry celebrates another British 60th Anniversary. Anywho, God save the Queen, and on with the drinking!


Another Teignworthy brew (from the same people who bring us Beachcomber). These Teignworthy brews seem to be a bit cloudy, but it doesn’t matter, ’cause they’re damn good. Damn good! Bottle-conditioned, it’s a golden, medium-ish 4.4% ABV, and let’s be frank: when you pour it out, it looks like you’ve got yourself a glass full of cloudy, slightly fizzy urine. But looks ain’t everything. Image

The smell of Old Moggie is heavy on hops and that earthy micro-brewed beer smell that practically nourishes the body and soul at the same time. It tastes hoppy and beery and slightly lemony, and leaves a zesty tang on the tongue for a good few minutes after you swallow a mouthful of the stuff, without the aftertaste being bitter. It gets a good head of froth on it and fizzes slightly when it’s poured, but the beer itself is less gassy than most, making for a really smooth chug that won’t have you blowing away small children and house-pets with colossal belches afterwards. Seems to be perfect accompaniment for meals, snacks, or another glass of Old Moggie.

Old Moggie was first brewed to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Morris Minor, a British-made car that hasn’t been in production for over three decades, now. Rather like the Model T, it was available in a limited colour range, mostly in the deep, dark, conservative end of the spectrum: I’ve seen them in burgundy, navy blue, dark green, pearl grey, and one or two in creamy beige, but most of the ones left on the road seem to be basic black. There are many that are still going strong (I see about one a week), so easy to fix that little old ladies who listened to the salesmen at the dealership for five minutes could usually get them running again after a breakdown, and were a cherished part of British life. So, naturally, it couldn’t last. The last new one rolled off the assembly line in Britain in 1971, though apparently they’re still being made in Sri Lanka, under a different model name!

“Moggie” (sometimes spelt “moggy”) is a British slang term for “cat” (though don’t ask me to provide an etymological derivation) as well as an affectionate nickname for the Morris Minor (again, don’t ask me why), and when you want a reliable, faithful, dark-coloured ride, you can either go for a Morris Minor, or Panthor. And according to the bio on the back of Panthor’s box, he’d be at least 20 years older than Cringer, which is getting on in years, even for a big cat. So he’s an old moggie. But don’t call him that to his face, or he’ll probably eat your spleen.

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