Action Figures & Their Beers: Brooklyn. Tunnel. I just got that.

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-05-21, 15:47:41

Wa tetu dat uta, gang! I've got ner vod'ikase, Chris and Amy, arriving soon, dropping by on a detour from their trip to Ireland, so I gotta make this brief. I seriously only just got the additional layer of connection between this week's beer and the action figure counterpart as I was trying to think up a headline for this week's article. Must dash. I anticipate my Ohioan clan-siblings and I will be doing much research over the next couple of days. And by research, I mean drinking. Enjoy!


What’s going on?! An American beer in Action Figures & Their Beers?! Hell, yes! We don’t get many of the good smaller brewery stuff from the States over here, and the Brooklyn Brewing Company’s lager is one of the very, very few we do get. And I’m very, very glad, because these guys know how to make very, very good beer. As for action figures, I have only one character in my collection who definitely comes from Brooklyn, and that’s G. I. Joe’s Tunnel Rat. Image

This 5.2% ABV “Pre-Prohibition” lager from The Brooklyn Brewery is malty and hoppy and full of smooth, refreshing beery goodness. It’s lightly fizzy and has a dry finish with very little aftertaste, bitter or otherwise. It’s sold in a 335mL bottle, which I suspect is something like 12 ounces. Billed as the brewery’s first and best-selling beer, I can easily understand its popularity. What’s more, it’s probably one of the most easily-available beers in the American market that I’ve yet reviewed. So rally around, Americans, and find out what a good American beer tastes like! I like it so much, it’s going in my Top 20. About the only thing that might possibly bump it down the list is if I could find some Brooklyn Chocolate Stout here . . . .

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