The Hunt Is On - Part 3

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-03-02, 18:49:11


We come (again, belatedly, I'm afraid) to Part Three of our six-part Hunter’s Brewery / The Blue Walnut miniseries, and Rodimus Prime again helps out by lending his Masterpiece Exclusive Targetmaster, Offshoot. This official modern Targetmaster partner for Rodimus is about twice the mass of last week’s third-party iteration paired with Half Bore Ale, which nicely ties up the Half Bore / Full Bore allusion. Image

As you might surmise, Full Bore Strong Ale has twice the oomph of last week’s Half Bore Session Ale, racking up a hefty 8% ABV, which gives it the brandy-like kick endemic to the more potent ales. But the ingredients are exactly the same on both beers. Even the product blurb is almost identical, varying in only a couple of words. Full Bore uses double the barley amounts of Half Bore, which changes the taste and sugar content. And of course, more sugar for the yeast to convert means a higher ABV rating. So the two beers themselves are different enough in character, even discounting the liquor-y component of the stronger ale. Full Bore has a much richer, noticeably maltier edge to it in general. It’s darker in colour, not very fizzy, and surprisingly smooth overall. Despite being double-hopped, its bitterness barely registers on my taste buds, probably because it’s overpowered by all the other lovely flavours. And it’s delicious from ice-cold to 50° F / 10° C, even thought the label says “Serve cool.”

Drink this if you also like: Fuller’s Vintage Ales, high-quality strong ales in general.

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