Action Figures & Their Beers - The Hunt Is On, Part 2

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-02-25, 17:47:37


Sorry this is late; a lot going on at Chez Sookcool, not least of which is my father recently being admitted to the hospital. It was all down to a very bad stomach infection; after antibiotics, he should be out again on Monday, and all better in about a week. But it's been a bit hectic the last few days, hence the delay.

So anyway, Part Two of our six-part Hunter’s Brewery / The Blue Walnut miniseries, and Rodimus Prime comes to the rescue with his third-party (knockoff) Targetmaster, Sidearm. Don’t let the “knockoff” designation fool you. In the past, TransFormer knockoffs were cheap ’n’ nasty, made with sub-par materials, bodge-job engineering, and shoddy construction. And to be honest, a lot of them still are are that way. But an increasing number of fans in the Far East seem to be getting tired of waiting for Hasbro to make the characters they want to see, and are beating the parent company to the punch . . . with some pretty impressive results. As is the case with this particular fellow, Sidearm, which is meant to go along with the third-party trailer that will turn a Classics / Henkei / Universe / United Rodimus into Rodimus Prime. Whilst not very complicated to convert from something that looks a bit like a double-barrelled gun into a robot action figure, he’s made of very high-quality plastic and is surprisingly well-articulated for such a small, unofficial product. Okay, enough with the toys. Let’s talk about the beer. Image

Quoth the label: “Oak coloured premium real ale with a balanced malt finish. Double hopped using the finest Golding with a late addition of English Boadicea which has a high alpha content giving Half Bore a smooth bitter finish.” Also, the ingredients list cites Devon honey and Golden Syrup. For those of you not familiar with it, Golden Syrup is like molasses, except thinner (less viscous), golden in colour, and has a mellower sweetness and less complicated flavour. Trust me, it’s yummy, and you can probably find in in your supermarket’s import section. And it’ll probably be Lyle’s Golden Syrup*, which is good stuff. And so is this beer!

* Don’t ask me why the trademark for Lyle’s Golden Syrup is a dead lion with flies buzzing around it. There’s probably some Biblical or Classical allusion I missed out on learning in my History and Western Civilization classes, because I was made to learn that ziggurats are stepped pyramids for seven freaking years in a row. Not that I’m bitter, nor is this ale.

Regardless off what the label says, I didn’t get much of a bitterness to the finish, just a nice lingering beery tang. The honey and syrup are detectable while drinking, and fade nicely in the aftertaste. The flavour stays pretty consistent from ice-cold to cool, so you can take your time over one of these without it getting skunky or bitter. It’s 4% ABV, so you won’t get massively slaughtered if you have a couple, but you’ll get merry. This is called a “Session Ale,” which means you’re meant to buy lots of these and sit down to a good drinking session. I can live with that.

Drink this if you also like: Beachcomber, any other smooth, lightly sweet ale.

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