BradP gives his thoughts on Toy Fair 2012!!

by BradP
on 2012-02-16, 10:36:15

Toy Fair 2012 was one of the best ever.  There were some great displays and getting some great shots of new stuff was amazing.  We saw some trailers for movies and a special preview for My Little Pony.  WOW My Little Pony.  Just what we were all there to see.  MY Little Pony.  I mean really?  My choices for tours were Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Marvel…Where the hell does My Little Pony come in?  Anyway, we saw a few trailers for the shows on Hub, which I do like by the way.  It has a few family shows we watch in my house.  Mostly Family Game Night but why would they want to mention that? That’s a great show, just no toys except basically ALL of the board games they make?  Things were a bit different this year.  We usually get 20-30 minutes of each presentation and a Q and A for each line.  This year was a bit odd, we spent about 45 minutes on Transformers, and then they literally BLASTED through the other 3 presentations.  I mean it was WARP speed so we could get down to the showroom.  I do like the sentiment but I also like the show and tell of what they are teasing us with.  I like the ooohhs and aaahhhs when we all see the SDCC exclusives or the retailer exclusives.  By the way we didn’t hear of ANY retailer exclusives.  All we got were 2 SDCC ones and they are just as cool as last years, if not better.  On with the actual presentation.

First we saw Transformers.  Again, they had all the different levels of vehicles that I never understand.  They pumped the Universal Ride.  Which like every ride at theme parks like that they have toys waiting for you when you get off.  I don’t mind that its fun to pay way more than the regular stores.  It is like a live version of eBay, but no shipping and no feedback.  We also saw the MMO, I think its free, it looks cool but my computer is sooo old that I can barely type this since I am missing 3 or 4 letters.  I guess a lot so if there are typos, that’s why.  Along with the Hub channel and the TF Prime series, there is the new kid version Rescue Bots, they have 4 characters that help people in a town while on a special mission from Optimus.  OK, my kids are too old, so no go there for me.  Kreo, which started last year, and seems to be going strong is going to continue this year as well.  Since all the MMO stuff and E-readers are taking off you can get all the comics and interactive books with the Transformers.  Man what are we coming too?  It’s TOYfair.  Not E-reader fair…or COMPUTER fair.  Anyway, the transformers line has a few neat things coming out.  Apparently we can’t just have figures that transform, they need to do something.  Just like the star wars figures have the dice and cards, the new Transformers Bot Shots are little Transformers that play like rock, paper, scissors, but you let the mini figures slam and they pop up and show a fist, sword, or blaster with a number on it.  You play by slamming Transformers  BOT SHOTS.  What ever pops up decides the winner.  SDCC gets another crossover for Transformers, but wait till I talk Joe stuff.

Next was G.I. Joe.  We saw the trailer, but not the new one.  The older one.  The new movie, G.I. Joe Retaliation will have 50 figures, and several vehicles.  9 I think.  There are some figures that look great.  We have Snake Eyes, and a few others that are throwbacks to the original classic styles.   We also get to see Jinx, who can’t be named Jinx for some reason, so we will know her as Kim Arashakage.  But yet she will have the look of the old Jinx. Of the newer figures there is a Bruce Willis, Joe Colton figure.  He looks great.  So muscular.  Kinda like the Jeff Goldblum figure from Independence Day.  That figure made him look like he was Hulk Hogan.  Jeff Goldblum isn’t a strong muscular guy, but man did that figure look like he was on roids.  I am sure Bruce Willis is a strong guy.  But the figure was a bit out of whack.  Its gets better though.  On a serious note, they are using this brand new technology.  It’s used to show how the figures can grab and hold weapons after a quick movement.  Its called Battle Kata.  For those who are in the know, Kata is choreographed patterns.  But for us older folk remember it as KUNG FU GRIP!!! YES, they can hold weapons and stuff.  Now to the BEST part, the SDCC exclusive.  It’s pretty darn cool.  One of the more creative things I have seen in a bit.  Last years was a great Homage, but this year is really really cool.  It's a HISS tank that combined with Shockwave.  And comes with Destro and a BAT trooper.  There are also a TON of extras, like some energon cubes, a suitcase of money and some little tape recorder that looks like Soundwave, the classic one!!!!  It’s COOL.

Now that they have finished the 2 other lines they zipped through these next two, so I don’t have a lot of info, just some great pictures.  We saw Star Wars, which gave us shots of battle packs, new sculpts and the Big Vehicle for the year.  It’s the MTT, like we saw earlier.  I have to say, its pretty cool as well.  They include tons of figures, and its motorized.  The droid rack moves in and out.  Pretty cool.  I am sure you have seen the video already.  I hear has some neat video.  You should check it out.  We got a quick list of Vintage carded figures, such as Oddball, Tarkin, Nikto, Shae Vizla.I still don’t know who she is and Galen Marek with switch out costumes.  We also heard about the Fan Choice winner. Mara Jade Skywalker.  Great Character, but I was really hoping for Jaxxon.  There were a few other waves listed, we will see Asohka, Lumat, Obi wan CW, and an ERG that looks badass.  The Star Wars SDCC exclusive is just as BIG as last year.  It’s using some older unused card art from the Kenner archives, and will have 7 figures.  One from each film and will be in the shape of the Carbon Freeze Chamber.  As I mentioned there are 6 figures from each movie, there is a 7th figure.  Its one that I am surprised to see Uncle George allow.  It’s a Jar Jar in Carbonite.  Again, a great addition to the pack.  Another SDCC homerun.  Last year we heard about the Ultimate Sabers.  This year they are making a Maul.  It will be able to be double bladed also.  We already have the Fighter pods on the market and they showed them.  But a really neat toy coming is the AMP’d line.  It looks like Star Wars meets Centurions.  The old toy line with Ace McCLoud flying around with the ability attach parts to him to make a better figure.  I do think its neat looking and they playability is great.  I am looking forward to this line.

Marvel was super quick as well.  We did see the Spiderman trailer.  This movie will have some figures and the Lizard is pretty neat looking.  He looks like one of the figures from the lost toy line from “V”.  Along with Spiderman, there is another movie coming out.  I think it called Avengers???  It has some super heroes from other movies Marvel has put out in the last few years.  I think a few people are looking forward to this movie.  Ok, I will be honest, I will be looking forward to it.  There are 10 inch figures with sound, 3 and ¾ inch figures, vehicles and such.  2 major vehicles are the Quinjet and a HUGE ship the SHIELD Heli carrier..yeah its huge.  Besides this amazing movie, there are the standard marvel figures.  Theya re bringing back the legend line, the 6 inch figures, and it includes some cool ones, Prof X and Rogue.  They will continue with build a figures, we get Terrax for the first one.

Toy Fair 2012 was great.  I have to say again, it was a good time.  I saw some old friends, and took some pictures.  Well I tried to take some pictures but I think I forgot to mention that the security this year was CRAZY.  I usually put the CC sucks mini sign up and there is no problem.  This year I was practically thrown against the wall and given cavity searches every time I did it.  AND I had permission to put the sign there.  I guess last year there were some issues.  I don’t know what but Security was in full force this year.  It was kind of scary.  I wasn’t trying to touch the figures, I just wanted to place a sign next to them.  Oh well.  Better safe than sorry???

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