Action Figures & Their Beers - The Hunt is On, Part 1

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-02-14, 02:41:04


I have an unreliable shop to thank for the next six weeks’ worth of reviews. As in, whenever you go there, it’s closed, regardless of what the opening hours posted on the door say. So I went to the nearby café, The Blue Walnut, which was open, to see if they had any news. And what did I see in their cooler, but a whole spate of locally-produced ales I’d never heard of before! This is how I was introduced to Hunter’s Brewery of Ipplepen, a village not too far from where I live. Three of their beers had shotgun themes (naturally), and I started racking my brain on how to make an action figure connection. And then it hit me, point-blank: Targetmasters!


Our first Hunter’s brew, Crack Shot Pale Ale, gets paired up with Nightstick, who was partnered with Cyclonus. Weirdly enough — and I swear to you on my life that this is true — I had just watched the 3-Part TransFormers: The Rebirth mini-series on DVD which introduced the Targetmasters (amongst other characters) right before heading out on the errand which landed me these beers. Which also doubtless helped with the pairing process. Image

Being bottle-conditioned, you have to pour this stuff out gently into a glass so you don’t get any yeasty sediment in your drink. Coming in at a low-end 3.8% ABV, this beer is nonetheless light (but not “Lite,” I must stress) and refreshing. Apart from the usual water, malted wheat & barley, and yeast, Crack Shot uses two types of hops: Challenger and Boadicea, the latter being a variety you don’t see much. But despite the double-hopping, there’s very little of a bitter hoppy aftertaste, more of a mouth-watering tingle which can easily be washed away with another swig. This ale is best drunk between 40° F / 4° C and 50° F / 10° C, so the aromatic compounds are close enough to their evaporation point that you get a nice full flavour with every mouthful.

Hunter’s Brewery is a family-owned business founded in 2008 and uses the best locally-sourced ingredients available. And long may they continue to do so! Next week, our Hunter’s miniseries continues . . . .

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