Droids Custom 2-1B: On sale WEDNESDAY!

by Bill Cable
on 2023-02-06, 08:47:44

I spent the weekend assembling Droids 2-1B customs, and I'll be ready to sell them on Wednesday!

CreatureCantina.com Image

That said, not everything went according to plan. As I began cleaning up the figures, I noticed a few of the "probes" were probe... lematic.

CreatureCantina.com Image

It's my own stupid fault. I'd pick these up at toy shows, just making sure they had an accessory, never looking all that closely. And I got burned. So I wasn't able to assemble all 20 figures like I planned. I jumped on eBay and picked up two complete replacement figures, and the 3rd missing one can just be mine so I can complete it at my leisure. Still, this setback isn't bad enough that I won't be able to take orders. It's just two guys will need to wait a little while longer before theirs are shipped.

If you intend to try to buy one of these, here's my advice to you. I will post ordering instructions here on CreatureCantina.com shortly after 9:30am Eastern on Wednesday morning. If you want the best chance of getting one before they sell out, bookmark this site and start hitting refresh at 9:30 repeatedly until the instructions pop up. Don't wait for the "For Sale" alert to go up on Facebook.

See you Wednesday!

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