Two Cable Droids Customs return to the fold!

by Bill Cable
on 2022-07-20, 08:02:57

Last week I received an IM from a friend who's an administrator of a Facebook group.  "If you want this down LMK."  I looked at the screen grab and saw two of my older Droids customs! Image

Initially I read his question as "If you want this LMK" so I immediately replied "Yes."  He replied that he was asking because he didn't want me, the original artist, being offended that it was posted.  That made me re-read the initial message and then quickly reply, "Wait.  I want to buy it."  I immediately replied "Sold" to the post and sent an IM to the seller.  

Turns out it was a PSWCS member who bought them way back when I first created them.  His asking price was reasonable, so I sent the money right away and four days later a large, well-packed box arrived.  The figures looked every bit as beautiful as the day I made them! Image

Time for a little history.  I produced my Droids Customs in two waves.  The first wave consisted of 4 figures, and ran from 2003-2006.  It all started after I made a Droids-style proof card for the PSWCS Summer Social, and so many people were blown away by it that I was talked into doing a line of customs MOCs featuring that art.  I made 10 figures each of Bossk, Chewbacca, and Emperor's Royal Guard, then I got ambitious and tried a run of 15 Stormtroopers.  The Stormtroopers took a lot more effort to sell through, so I decided to end the line.  

Then in the summer of 2011 it was Pittsburgh's turn to host the PSWCS Summer Social, and I decided why not do something special for the proof card?  Another Droids proof!  So I drew Zuckuss. Image

That card was received with great enthusiasm, but it wouldn't be until 2014 that I would revisit the line.  You see, for many years I tried to get this site to take off for the comic strips I drew.  I always dreamed of earning a living drawing comics, and I gave that my best effort with The Cantina followed by C7-YB.  Neither became the sort of hit that'd make any money, so I made the tough decision of abandoning that goal.  Still, I needed some reason to keep doing this site.  So I figure why not give Droids Customs another go?  I already had art I could use.  Maybe people would be more receptive this time?  So I went in Photoshop and recolored Zuckuss and made a run with the extra bubbles I had sitting around. Image

It was a spectacular success, the run of 10 selling out extremely quickly.  And that's when I decided to do it right.  I tracked down a guy who could make custom bubbles, bought a color laser printer to produce my own cards, and reached out to Yehuda K. for casting original POTF coins.  It took almost a year to set everything up, but once I started rolling it's been a roaring success.  I'm sitting on 24 customs now with 3 more guaranteed and plans for another 7 or 8.

Whew - that was way more long-winded than I'd intended.  Anyway, these early ones almost never pop up for sale, and I knew I could find enthusiastic buyers, so I'm glad I was able to snag them. Image

In fact, I've already found an enthusiastic buyer for the Zuckuss.  I checked through my old emails and messages and didn't find anyone specifically asking for the IG-88, so I didn't try reaching out to anyone for that one.  I don't know... I'm thinking maybe DoND?  That is unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse.

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