Action Figures & Their Beers - We got Dank Side

by Bill Cable
on 2021-08-25, 08:14:11

At the OSWCC Summer Social in July I picked up a Darth Vader IPA. I wasn't a fan. To follow that up at the PSWCS Summer Social in August, I picked up another Darth Vader IPA... Image

The Dank Side Hazy IPA is produced by Fourscore Beer Co. out of Gettysburg. And woo-boy, is this everything you expect from an IPA! As someone who isn't a fan of IPAs, this isn't a good thing. Popping it open, it's pungent from 2 feet away. Surprisingly, when you first drink it it's initially relatively mild. But then about 40 seconds in, the powerful bitter aftertaste punches you in the teeth. So maybe if you drank it really fast you’d only have to suffer through that misery once...

The thing is, it's got some body to it and that paired with the fact that it's 7.5% ABV makes it a bit too heavy to guzzle. So suffered through I did. I did that bitter beer face thing with my lips multiple times after each mouthful. To my horror, it actually gets worse the more you drink... each new quaff building upon and compounding the flavors of the last.

I powered through, and I regret the decision.

I'd rate this at 90% unpleasant. I'm thankful I only asked Josh Mingle to buy me one instead of a 4-pack.

To pair with this brew, I figured I had to pick out a different Vader figure than last week. Most of my modern figures have been sold off, but I did have a few lying around, and among them with this animated Rebels Vader. Really nice design on this one, especially for a 5-point figure. And Vader from the final showdown with Ahsoka in Rebels is every bit as terrifying as this IPA.

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