Action Figures & Their Beers Boozes -- Limey Bastard

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2021-07-30, 19:08:03

When shopping for booze for my birthday binge this year, my wife found this bottle of Key Lime Pie mead from the Harris Meadery of Orange Park, FL. Key lime pie is perhaps my favourite non-chocolate dessert, mead is one of my favourite alcoholic beverages, and my wife knows all this -- one of many reasons I adore her.

There's very little info on the label, other than the name of the company and the address of their website, the flavour of the drink, the usual gubmint health warnings, and the facts that this is a "honey-lime wine" that contains sulfites and is 12.5% ABV. Again, I assert that mead is not "wine" -- it is mead. (Cider is also not "wine," State of Ohio, it is cider.) Image

Even though limes are generally a deep green on the outside and a muted yellow-green on the inside, and proper Key lime pie is a sort of dirty yellow colour, just about everyone thinks of "lime green" as a bright, DayGlo® hue straight out of the 1970s. Which is why I teamed up this mead with the Amazon-exclusive LFL 50th Anniversary 6" Black Series Greedo (reviewed separately here), because the stunningly inaccurate design and lime-green colour scheme of his outfit are also artefacts the 1970s. Fun(ish) Fact(oid): the DayGlo® Color Corp operates out of Cleveland, Ohio.

When you pop the top and pour some out, you get an appropriately light honey-coloured drink, a bit thicker than the Southern Origin Meadery's Hibiscus Mead, but also fizzy. I don't normally expect fizzy with mead. It was a surprise, but a pleasant one; it lends a nice extra mouth-feel to the beverage. I'm a sucker for fizzy drinks.

Because of the radical difference between room-temperature and chilling on the taste of the last mead I drank, I figured I'd try the same with this one. At room-temperature, you get heavy citrus, medium honey, and a slight aftertaste of . . . champagne? Yeah, champagne. Decent champagne, too. And, as with the Hibiscus mead, when you chill it, the honey flavour comes to the fore.

So, room-temperature or chilled, this potion is delicious either way. It's an effervescent, versatile delight of a beverage that's as easy-drinking as pop and packs a wine-strength wallop. I don't know if there's enough lime in this brew that drinking it will stave off scurvy, but I'm erring on the side of caution and drinking it, anyway. Ar.

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