Droids Custom Commando: First pencils!

by Bill Cable
on 2021-06-09, 08:56:02

It's been a lot of work, but I finally scrounged up enough Rebel Commando figures to get started on my next Droids Custom. Big shout out to the dealers and focus collectors who hooked me up! Seems like my biggest barrier to doing these going forward is gonna be finding the figures. That's rough.

Our journey begins with visualization. I had a few different ideas in my mind. Maybe dealing with some Biker Scouts on Speeder Bikes. I was thinking ducking an explosion against a tree... but then I've already done the explosion in the background thing. Then I was thinking maybe getting attacked by Ewoks... but then I was thinking I'd probably need to use the cartoon-style Ewoks, with human-like eyes, and I'm really not a fan of that compared to the original. Plus, if I got Ewoks on the card should I switch to an Ewoks cardback template? That's a whole lot more work, and I really don't think I want to branch out into Droids & Ewoks Customs.

Whatever I decided on, I knew what I really wanted to do is focus on one particular element of the Commando's costume. I love their gaiters. I don't know what purpose they serve... hell, I didn't even know what they were called until I Googled it just now... but aesthetically I just am nuts for the things. They're like thick cloth guards to cover the tops of the boots and shins. And on both the Vintage and the POTF2 figures they look really cool. I don't know what it is about them that appeals to me... maybe the way they turn the guy's ankles into these chunky armored-looking pillars of sturdiness? Whatever it is... it looks cool. So I wanted to try to convey that coolness.

After visualization, I did a quick sketch to see if my idea would work. This is just a small 6 x 6 doodle on my sketch pad.

CreatureCantina.com Image

I liked it! It works. It's dynamic. The worm's eye view is compelling. Very happy. So it was time for some real work. All I had to do was decide on an adversary...

CreatureCantina.com Image

Look at that, man! Tension! Drama! And big honkin' ankles! That was my first session. With the second, we got to some details...

CreatureCantina.com Image

I think this is going very well so far. Just gotta draw a forest and we're golden. Should have final pencils next week!

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