"Ask Eric" - His reply

by Darth Danno
on 2021-06-09, 08:26:05

Again, the question I posed to Eric was:

"Why do you think the new Star Wars films are always completely snubbed at winning any Oscars?"

Since the question asks specifically about the new films, I'm going to address this question in regards to the films released following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. With this question I took it upon myself to do some research. Let's take a look at what the most recent Star Wars films have been nominated for at the Oscar's:


  1. Best Original Score
  2. Best Visual Effects
  3. Best Sound Mixing
  4. Best Film Editing
  5. Best Sound Editing


  1. Best Visual Effects
  2. Best Sound Mixing


  1. Best Original Score
  2. Best Sound Editing
  3. Best Sound Mixing
  4. Best Visual Effects


  1. Best Visual Effects


  1. Best Original Score
  2. Best Visual Effects
  3. Best Sound Editing

Obviously as a Star Wars fan, I'm always rooting for Star Wars to win in these award shows, but the award should go to the best deserving. So, let me do my best to remove my bias. As you see above, since 2015 Star Wars films have been nominated for a combined 15 Academy Awards with the majority of them being attributed to the "saga" films versus the "stand alone" films. One constant I see with the nominations for the saga films is the one and only John Williams - the composer of all nine saga films. Episodes VII, VIII, and IX were all nominated for Best Original Score.

John Williams is one of the most (if not the most) renowned film composers of all-time. Regardless of how you feel about the new films, nobody can deny the amazing ability John Williams has to produce music that fits every scene perfectly. "March of the Resistance", "Rey's Theme", and "Kylo's Theme" are some of my favorite pieces of music to date. So, why so many nominations without a victory? John Williams did win an Oscar for Best Original Score in 1977 for "A New Hope", but if you ask me, the most recent nominations are just a sign of respect for the "John Williams" name. The Academy has no intention of awarding him another Oscar for Star Wars, which is unfortunate.

Let's go back to our nomination list. Best Visual Effects is listed under every movie title. Since the beginning, Star Wars has always been known for its visual effects. George Lucas tried to push his teams to their limits to produce some of the most impressive visual effects for that time. Over the years, Star Wars has continued to produce some of the most exciting space battles, and some of the most visually appealing sequences as reflected in 5 out of 5 nominations for Visual Effects since the Disney acquisition. Again, why so many nominations without a victory? Odds are that one of the films would have taken home the trophy. Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) did win in this category. Maybe it's another sign of respect from the Academy as the original film revolutionized visual effects in the industry.

Sound Editing and Sound Mixing are both seen on the nomination lists for multiple movies. Again, without victory. I have no explanation for this. The only thing I will say is that Matthew Wood and the team at Skywalker Sound do amazing work.

The Star Wars films (with the exception of "Solo: A Star Wars Story") have had success at the box office. It's no secret people love the films and will go to the theater to watch them. The new Star Wars films have had success at other award shows, so it's not like the films shouldn't be recognized for their amazing work. I'm just going to assume the Academy has grown tired of Star Wars and nominates the films out of respect for its history.

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