"Ask Amanda & Eric" - Their responses

by Darth Danno
on 2021-04-14, 06:48:49

Considering last week turned out to be an absolute work-related clusterf..., I wasn't able to post their response. Add to that that one of them didn't get me their response until just a few hours ago (I won't mention who it is), at best I would have only been able to post half of the proposed article, but here it is in its entirety! Once again, the question I posed to them was:

"Being Star Wars collectors, what would you consider to be the "holy grail" item you would like to add to your collection if said item were available and money were no object?"

Here's what they had to say...


For me I would want to see a screen-used full costume from the original trilogy join the collection (dreaming big yes). I would also love to see us acquire some of the harder to get and/or no longer with us autographs like Alec Guinness or James Earl Jones.


Wow! What a difficult question. One thing you must know about me is that I do my best to be a completist. If there are five things in a set, and I own four of them, I'm going to freak out a little bit until I get that final piece to the set. I've always loved being able to display my entire collection. Seeing everything displayed and being able to share everything with other fans is partially why collecting for me is so much fun. As of recent months, my collection focus has taken a little bit of a turn. I am going to be focusing more on higher end items and not so much on trinkets and smaller, cheaper collectibles. With that being said, there are many high-end items that I'd LOVE to add to the collection.

I don't think I can pick just one item for this question, so bare with me as I mention a few.

  1. The closest thing in my collection to a screen-used prop from "A New Hope" would be a framed piece containing strands of authentic Chewbacca fur. The fur is accurate and came from Stuart Freeborn's shop, but it wasn't actually used on screen. I think something (anything) used in the making of the original film would make an incredible addition to my collection.
  2. Autograph collecting is definitely a focus within my collection. I love getting the chance to meet the actors and actresses that brought some of my favorite characters to life. With COVID around and no conventions on my schedule, I've resorted to companies like Official Pix and Star Wars Autograph Universe for my signatures. It's been a blast watching big-name talent get added to these signings. While my autograph collection is always growing, there are some signatures that have alluded me thus far. I'd love to get signatures from: Harrison Ford (insert eye roll here), John Williams, Samuel L. Jackson, Liam Neeson, and Jon Favreau.
  3. I began collecting Star Wars merch in 1995. That being said I was not around when merchandise for the original trilogy was originally released. Over the years my parents have been gracious enough to gift me some graded (unpunched) action figures from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. My next goal is to acquire a good condition figure from "A New Hope" that has been graded by the AFA and sealed in an acrylic case.

I have my eyes on so many items. It's so incredibly hard to choose one item as a grail piece. What my collection needs most now would be SPACE. There's never enough space. So, if you know of any big properties with barns for sale...

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