"Ask Amanda & Eric": Their replies

by Darth Danno
on 2021-02-03, 07:51:05

Once again, the question I posed to the both of them was this:



The things I am most looking forward to as we expand back in time to the High Republic hmmm that's so tough because there's so much to explore! I can't wait to meet all of the new Jedi and Nihil, and what I'm really excited for is diving into all of the ships/weapons/planets that they have in store! I am so intrigued about what the Jedi of old in their golden age will look like and how the interpretation of the Jedi code will differ from what we see currently. Another aspect I can't wait for is the politics of the era. What struggles and motives are at play and how it impacts the galaxy at large.


When "Project Luminous" was first announced, I was extremely eager to hear about what Lucasfilm was secretly working on. The High Republic era has so many possibilities, and I think what is most exciting is that these stories will be taking place during a time of peace. This is extremely intriguing because when you think of Star WARS you assume that there's gotta be a war raging across the galaxy, right?

As of the day I'm writing this, I am 307 pages (I'm about to start Part 3) into "Light of the Jedi" by Charles Soule. I haven't read any of the comics or "A Test of Courage" yet, but I am absolutely loving the content I've been exposed to so far. It's exciting to know that there is so much content coming out relating to this era in such a short amount of time to help the consumers really get to know these characters. I sometimes lose track if there is a significant gap between books. With this being a series of adventures that will all mesh together, I think the close proximity of the releases is crucial.

I think what I'm most excited about is to see how everything meshes together. I know Lucasfim has a story group that typically works on continuity, but with The High Republic LFL seemed to be emphasizing the idea of a cohesive story more so than previous initiatives. Also, WHAT IS MY BOY YODA UP TO? The only thing I've read about him so far in "Light of the Jedi" is that he's taking a sabbatical from Jedi Council duties. I'm extremely interested to see how the Jedi evolve into what we see of them in the prequels, and I can't wait to become more familiar with this era in general. "The Acolyte", a recently announced live action show, will be set during this era and I can't wait to see how many, if any, of The High Republic characters will come into play.

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