Action Figures & Their Beers - Survivor

by Bill Cable
on 2020-09-16, 07:44:05

This latest AF&TB takes us back to my nearby brewpub - Spoonwood Berwing Co. Last week they announced a new brew, Strategic Cocoa, which they described as "a Double Salted Chocolate Brown Ale". Now I don't know about double-salted (though I do love myself some salted caramel), but chocolate brown ale sounded right up my alley. And so, my plans were set. Image

How was it? Rich and boozy, like the strong ales I love so much. The cocoa notes are subtle. I didn't really detect any salt to speak of, though honestly I wasn't really looking for it. My mind was stuck on chocolate brown ale, and there wasn't enough salt to break through that mindset. It finishes with a prominent espresso aftertaste, complete with that grit you feel on your tongue when you drink strong coffee. I don't know - maybe that was ground up cocoa nibs?  Does cocoa taste like coffee? Whatever the case, it's powerful and bold. A beer you savor, not guzzle. 

When I saw this beer listed on the Spoonwood site, I knew it'd be a great opportunity to do an AF&TB review. But I didn't have any idea which figure to pair it with. So I asked Beedo. He replied "Have you got any of the Clone Wars TX Tactical Droids? Two Bad, Skeletor's double-headed evil strategist? The Decepticon Shockwave, master planner? The POTF2 Ishi Tib Rebel Tactician?" That was a big negatory on the TX droid. I don't collect He-Man or Transformers. But I did used to have Ishi Tib. I was a POTF2 completist right up until Episode III, and he was released in that time frame. But I sold off almost all my modern a few years back. For pennies on the dollar. It was brutal. The only things I kept were the figures for my Jabba's Palace diorama, my Cantina diorama, my Ewoks, and a smattering of figures I liked enough to keep. I figured, why not check my smattering shelf? And lo and behold, there stood Ishi Tibb!

Ishi Tibb is decidedly NOT one of the characters I would have chosen to keep. He looks fine and all, but he's just some obscure side character that doesn't fit any of my dioramas. He's not special or particularly interesting. He's missing his weapon, which doesn't make sense as I always kept the weapons with my modern figures. I figure this figure must be so clever he somehow avoided the purge. A genuine genius tactician! Truly he was planning to hang around until I could write this review, which he predicted would happen many years after his brethren were dispatched via eBay.

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