Some fabulous Father’s Day finery from Regal Robot!

by Darth Danno
on 2020-06-22, 09:35:26

Here is the follow up to our popular IG-11 and Baby Yoda deluxe magnet with "I am Your Father's Day" and we're also celebrating with a 3-day sale on Star Wars themed director chairs and cafe tables. Our newest magnet set is based on that chilling first reveal of Darth Vader beneath the mask in his meditation chamber from "The Empire Strikes Back". Image

The new magnet will be available with FREE SHIPPING for the initial 2 weeks, and folks can order here starting at 12:01 AM Eastern on Father's Day, Sunday, 6/21/20 -

More information about the Vader Reveal magnet and the sale, as well as a teaser of future magnets, can be found here -

Now I know everyone was expecting that once you lifted up Vader's helmet, you'd see the back of baby Yoda's head, well it's not ALL about baby Yoda, no matter how cute he is, so get over it! Personally, I thought it would have been the back of the great Tom Spina's head, but if they want to go with movie authenticity and accuracy, who am I to say otherwise?

This information + the photos were given to us a few days before it was to go "live", with express understanding that we would not reveal it to anyone beforehand. Even though people tried as they might to get an advance peek as it were, I remained steadfast and true to my mandate. No matter what form of bribery was offered to me, I would not buckle. Even when I was offered a chance to go on a date with Daisy Ridley, I ref…u…s… wait a minute, Daisy Ridley was willing to go out with me if I showed her the magnet set beforehand????? WHY am I just hearing about this NOW????? That is IT! I'm firing my secretary!! Oh wait, I don't have a secretary. That explains it. Oh well, maybe next ti…AND Felicity Jones was willing to have lunch with me as well if I showed her the magnet set ahead of…Emilia Clarke wanted in on all of this too????? If you'll excuse me, I have to go write an ad to be put in the "Help Wanted" section of the paper… Why is it that every time opportunity knocks, I'M in the bathroom!

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