Droids Custom Ree-Yees: On sale Wednesday!!

by Bill Cable
on 2020-03-30, 07:52:02

With no plans to do anything over the weekend, I had plenty of time to work on assembling my Droids custom Ree-Yees figures. I spread the work over 3 days, prepping the cards Friday, gluing them Saturday, and attaching bubbles Sunday. And everything went smoothly until Sunday, when catastrophe struck!!

CreatureCantina.com Image

You'll only count 14 figures there. That's because I've run out of tape!! And with the lockdown, I couldn't run to the craft store and pick up more like I normally would have! So I had to order online. But I couldn't order from Amazon, since they're deprioritizing anything not life-essential. Thankfully Target has the tape I use, and it should arrive Wednesday.

Typically I wouldn't start selling my figures until they're all finished, but since I should be able to wrap up the rest after dinner Wednesday, I'm gonna go ahead and take orders. The customs will be available to order Wednesday between 8am and 9am New York time (probably closer to 8am). They'll be posted for sale on this web site, then shared on the official CC.com Facebook page. Set your alarms and follow CC.com on Facebook to guarantee you'll get one before they sell out!

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