Action Figures & Their Beers — City Folk

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2019-10-26, 23:28:37

Classic City Lager

I have the perfect figure to go with this beer . . . but it’s 4,000 miles away, in storage.

Metroplex, first introduced in 1986, was the first of the TransFormers “cities,” and his 2013 Generations iteration briefly became the largest TransFormer ever made, before being surpassed three years later by Titans Return Fortress Maximus, who was himself a retool of the very Metroplex he outclassed. (If you can follow that tortuous run-on sentence, good job!)

In the G1 TransFormers days, the city-bots — Metroplex, Trypticon, Scorponok, and Fortress Maximus — all came with a bunch of smaller figures that interacted with them in city / base mode. The thing is, though, the three modern versions produced so far have each had at least one of their support figures left out for budgetary reasons; Fortress Maximus had Cog omitted, Trypticon had Brunt left out, and Metroplex had both Slammer and Six-Gun cut. A lot of third-party (knock-off) companies made several stabs at producing a Six-Gun-like add-on kit for the 2013 Generations Metroplex, but apart from the “Turrets & Manacle” set from Iron Factory, none of them were very good, all of them were ridiculously expensive, and the idea of making any more of the missing cities’ drones seemed to die on the vine . . . until late 2018.

As part of the first chapter of their new “War for Cybertron” marketing ploy story arc trilogy, dubbed “Siege,” Hasbro made up a new class of TransFormer figure: Weaponizers. These robots can not only transform into vehicles, but also split apart into numerous weapons and armour add-ons for other figures, and that’s exactly what Cog, Six-Gun, and Brunt are meant to do. So Hasbro made them. Finally. And here they are, from left to right: Cog, Six-Gun, our beer of the day, and Brunt. Image

In theory, it’s a great play-pattern for kids, and a great way to appease the older fans who wanted the full Cybertronian City-Bot experience. In practice, though, some of the joints are a little loose, some of the parts don’t peg in quite like they’re supposed to, legs and arms sometimes have a tendency to fall off, and Six-Gun’s “vehicle mode” looks like the proverbial hot mess. Still, it’s a nifty idea, and with a little imagination and some fiddling, young and middle-aged alike can use their Weaponizers to achieve the effect they want for their toys . . . and finally get the proper classic G1 city looks for their Titans-Class TransFormers.

Speaking of classic cities: Classic City Lager by Creature Comforts is brewed less than ten miles away (in Athens, Georgia) from where I am currently ensconced. Creature Comforts has a brewpub situated downtown, and it’s absolutely crammed with hipsters and college kids. As a result, I’ve only been in there once, because man-buns cause in me an inexplicable urge to punch their wearers in the throat, and I’m not a fan of loud, crowded spaces.

Creature Comforts seems to be a very IPA- and sour-heavy brewery, and the only other brew of theirs I’ve tried, Athena Berliner Weisse, tastes like sour lemonade made without any sugar, mixed with beer. Not a fan of that one. And to be frank, having trawled through the other beers on their website, there is only one other beer that looks like I might enjoy, and it’s a seasonal brew that’s currently unavailable. But that’s me. Their brews seem very popular with the “in” crowd, and that’s fine. All the more for them to enjoy.

But Classic City Lager? It’s solid. I like it. Greeata got me a 6-pack for my birthday (and a 6-pack of Athena, too).

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