Time to light the limes!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-10-16, 08:00:11

A few weeks ago I was approached by the legendary C-3PO focus collector Tracey Hamilton asking if I'd be interested in a few preproduction pieces he was looking to part with. I responded with "Of course I’m interested, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to swing current market prices."

Because prices today on preprod items are ludicrous and insane.

And sure enough, the prices he was looking for were inconceivable.

But the pieces he was offering would really be ideal for my collection. So I pondered it for a bit, and I decided that there were maybe some pieces in my collection I'd be willing to unload in order to add Tracey's pieces. I was able to sell those pieces pretty much instantaneously (probably should have asked for more money than I did!). Rather than risking shipping stuff out, I decided to finalize a couple of the deals during the Cincinnati Toy Show. So last Saturday I jumped in the car and drove 5 hours to beautiful Sharonville. Saturday night I dropped off a piece for a fat wad of cash. Sunday I went to the show and handed over the cash in exchange for my new additions.

So what key pieces am I adding to the Protocol-osseum?

First we have a Revenge of the Jedi proof card with a nameplate mock-up. The removable limbs C-3PO nameplate changed multiple times over the course of three series of figures, and this reflects the change made for Return of the Jedi. I was told there only exists about 10 nameplate mock-up like this, for any character.

CreatureCantina.com Image

CreatureCantina.com Image

This adds to my "complete" RL 3PO proof run. Before now I had one each of every proof known to exist. Now I have that plus an internal mock-up!

The second piece is a true one-of-a-kind. It's a first shot of the Droids line C-3PO. And it's the only first shot Droids C-3PO known to exist. Not to be confused with "internal first shot" figures (or protomolded or early-stage injection-molded figures as they're known on TheSWCA), of which there are a few known examples of Droids C-3PO (I own a hand-painted one). It's shot in a reddish hue with semi-translucent limbs. And it's totally awesome.

CreatureCantina.com Image

CreatureCantina.com Image

The most crazy part of the whole deal was that my out-of-pocket was really reasonable. The items I sold covered 92% of my costs in picking these up. I've heard of people talking about their collections funding themselves, but this is my first time experiencing that. Hopefully when the next big-ticket 3PO grail pops up I'll be able to find something else I'd rather have less!

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