Bill Cable scores! (a big Vintage collection)

by Bill Cable
on 2019-08-14, 07:24:58

On July 31st I got an unsolicited email the kind of which us Vintage collectors dream about. "Hi. I am looking to get rid of this collection..." Attached were photos, mostly modern, but there was a picture of a Vintage Micro playset, and the email mentioned "things from his childhood." So I replied back that I'd be happy to help, and asked for more photos of the childhood figures.

In subsequent emails, I got a bunch more photos of Vintage, all loose, but with some gems like Luke Stormtrooper and Han Carbonite in the lot. I made a list of values and took an inventory of what was in the pictures. I came up with a dollar figure that she was happy with. So I said I would buy it all from her, and last Saturday made the drive up to central Pennsylvania.

We set up in her garage, and I proceeded to sort through all the loose figures and lay them out on a couple tables. It was all loose, mostly incomplete, and a bunch were in rough shape. But still, it was Vintage! As I finished confirming the counts matched, she pulled out a couple vinyl figure cases. "Oh by the way, there are these too. I didn't bother taking pictures of these ones." And that was when things got magical! One of the cases was from Return of the Jedi which is fairly uncommon (I didn't realize that at the time). Inside were a bunch of minty, complete figures! So I had to adjust my offer upwards by about 1/3 to reflect the new inventory. She was happy. I was happy. And I drove the stuff home. Image Image Image Image Image Image

On Sunday I sorted the figures into three categories: Minty/Near-minty/Special; Noticeable wear; and Hot Garbage. And I'm going to start out by selling off the Hot Garbage! $3 each. 2/$5. 5/$10! Get your hands on 33 of the crappiest figures you'll stumble upon. Paint wear! Plastic damage! Sun fading! Broken or no accessories! Torn capes! Missing limbs! This lot has it all!! Shipping is extra. Email me at if you want them.


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