Droids Custom Squidhead: Almost entirely colored!!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-01-30, 07:22:45

Progress continues on my next Droids Custom! (Editor's Note: I accidentally first typed 'Porgress' and I very nearly just left it that way for a chuckle...). I've nearly completed coloring the thing. All I have left is the background (oh how I loath backgrounds). Besides that, all I really need to do is take a photo for the back and paint my coins (the latter of which requires temperatures somewhere around 50 degree in the garage, so it won't be any time this week!). Everything it progressing as I have foreseen!

Before I share an image of my latest progress, I should not that I've taken some precautions to prevent anyone from stealing my artwork and using it to make their own cheap knock-offs to sell on eBay. That was a real wake-up call, so I now realize I need to watermark my work in such a way that it can't be used by anybody else. All it takes is one a-hole to ruin it for everyone.

CreatureCantina.com Image

Tune in next week where hopefully I'll be able to share even more progress!!

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