This is not the Droids Custom art you're looking for!

by Bill Cable
on 2019-01-02, 07:45:15

On New Year's Eve afternoon I had a few hours to kill with nothing to do, until I remembered I should probably start on my next Droids Custom! So I did that.

But this isn't a story about that.

Back when I first received my first batch of new bubbles, I was excited to finally have them in-hand and I got started right away on some art. Then I contacted my figure guy, and asked what he could hook me up with. And the character I started on was NOT one of the figures he had a bunch of. In fact, he only had like 3 of the 15 I'd need. So I decided I'd switch up and work on the Gamorrean Guard instead.

The I worked on the AT-AT Driver. And all the while I was working on those, I was going to local toy shows and stocking up on the character I started on originally.


And then Final Frontier Toys had a 40% off sale back in September where I picked up all the rest of the Squidheads I'd need for the run.

Being all set, I decided to resume work on Squidhead. But the thing was... I wasn't super happy with the art I'd drawn earlier this year. I had an idea what I wanted to do, but it just didn't work out like I'd hoped. Even though the pencils were 90% complete, I decided to start over from scratch. And I'm really happy I did.

As the title says, this is NOT the Droids art you're looking for! This is the art I rejected. But I still figured it'd be fun to share it. Image

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