Droids Custom AT-AT Driver: STOLEN!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-12-05, 06:53:38

Last week I received an email from my good friend Eric Franks of ImperialHolocron.com. He's a dedicated AT-AT Driver focus collector, and the owner of my most recent Droids customs. And while searching eBay, he stumbled across this auction:

CreatureCantina.com Image

Look familiar? It should. It's my art on a LEGO-sized custom cardback. Done without my permission or consent. But hey... at least the artist was smart enough to plaster his art with all kinds of watermarks...

CreatureCantina.com Image

And not only did he steal my art... he stole the AT-AT Driver bio I wrote for the back of my card!!

CreatureCantina.com Image

At least he had the common decency not to steal the photo I shot for the back of my art (subbing in a cheesy front-facing shot)!

CreatureCantina.com Image

So yeah... I was a bit perturbed. The AT-AT driver had only been completed two weeks ago!! And already I have some dude on eBay ripping it off?? Could it get any worse?

Yes. It could get worse. Not only was he ripping off my AT-AT Driver, he was ripping off a BUNCH of my other Droids customs!!

CreatureCantina.com Image

CreatureCantina.com Image

CreatureCantina.com Image

It was time to get to the bottom of this! So I messaged the seller stating that he was using my art without my permission, and that he needed to pull down the auctions or I'd report him to eBay. I was expecting a confrontation of some sort. I was surprised that the eBay seller was entirely apologetic.

I'm sorry, I was given a bunch of images to make cards for and was told I could use them afterwards. Do you have a website or something to validate who you are?

I provided some links, to which he responded:

Very nice work, sir. I'll take it down. It was a guy in Indiana. Paid to have Droid card backs made. Supplied the images. The AT-AT driver was a transparent png. I had to put a background in. The man's name was Darren.

Crazy world we live in.

So he took down the AT-AT Driver auction. As I write this, he still hasn't taken down the others. I sent a follow-up yesterday, so hopefully that's only a temporary oversight. We shall see...

But let's talk about this Darren from Indiana. So tell me, Darren from Indiana, what kind of guy are you to steal someone's artwork, pay to have customs made, and then lie to the guy saying he's free to use that stolen art going forward?? I mean, I know people have adapted my art to make their own fake copies of my customs. But this takes things to an entirely different level, Darren from Indiana. You not only stole from me, you lied to and defrauded this eBay seller. That's just the lowest of the low, Darren from Indiana.

So if any of my fans out there who know a Darren from Indiana who collects custom Vintage-style MOC LEGO minifigures, go ahead and let him know the artist whose work he stole is none too pleased.

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