SW Lifer

by Bill Cable
on 2010-12-01, 09:07:44

I was a Star Wars fan from the earliest days. My first concrete Star Wars memory is of the Holiday Special. I distinctively remember Krelman pouring a beer into his head. Actually, for years I thought I remembered Snaggletooth doing it. It was only after seeing the Holiday Special on VHS in the '90s that I discovered it was Harvey Korman I was remembering. Easy mistake to make, right?

One of my great regrets is that I haven't been able to find any old photographs of myself with my original Star Wars toys. I've scoured through Christmas and birthday photos with no luck. I know I got Star Wars stuff for Christmas. I remember one Christmas I was SUPER pissed-off that all the Star Wars figures I got where in plain white boxes instead of MOC. It just wasn't any fun at all ripping the figures out of plain plastic baggies... I wanted to pull the bubbles off of glorious colorful cardbacks! Stupid Sears with their multi-pack deals...

Yesterday I was looking through a photo album my mom put together, and finally discovered something to back up my claims of life-long Star Wars fandom. Presenting a photo from my fifth birthday!

Star Wars birthday cake - 1978

My mom made me a Star Wars cake! She designed the R2-D2 herself. And then she added on some sugar sculptures. Here's a closer look at the cake:

Star Wars birthday cake - 1978

The sugar sculptures are the most interesting elements, IMO. That's Chewbacca, R2-D2 and I believe Han Solo. I can't tell off-hand where the sculpts are from. I'm guessing maybe Play-doh?

So it was a nice surprise coming across this old photo. Now nobody can question that I was a big fan from the get-go. That's almost certainly from 1978. Though sometimes my mom put an extra candle "to grow on" which would make that 1977. I'm not certain if the Play-doh set was out in November 1977 or not. In either case, I'm Old School.

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