Suggestions for CVI

by Darth Danno
on 2010-10-13, 08:01:34

Now again, I'm writing this so that those responsible for organizing these events will take this as gospel and use each and every one of my ideas to make CVI the best Celebration ever, I'm going to stick to the facts and leave out the shenanigans and tomfoolery like: having it in my backyard, having all the Slave Leias stay at my house, letting George Lucas have my room as his personal hotel, etc...

Let's just discuss those items that may actually come to pass. The main thing which I had addressed previously was extending the run of the show itself, either Wed through Sun or Thu through Monday. I know they're going off other conventions like WizardWorld, San Diego Comic Con, and the AEE. (If you don't know what the AEE is, that's alright, it's a convention strictly for grown-ups.) All of these are held annually, whereas the Star Wars Celebrations are being held tri-annually, so I believe more people will attend this solely due to the fact it's not something that comes around every year.

Here's my idea, create an “executive” 4 day badge. It'll cost more than a regular 4 day badge, be a different color, have a limited number available, and have a different character on it (I'm thinking Darth Sidious). It gains you access to the show the day before it opens to the general public. (I'm thinking they could also increase the cost of the Jedi Knight and Jedi Master badges so they could be included in this as well). Maybe it's not a full 10-7 day, perhaps all the stars won't be there yet, maybe all the panels won't be offered, but you could still get a jump on getting exclusives, seeing what the vendors have to sell, get autograph tickets ahead of time, buy artwork and hopefully not have to spend half the day in line to pay. That way, by the time the convention opens for everyone, you're already ahead of the game.

Other ideas I had were:

  • Start advertising it earlier (like now) so we have plenty of time to save up the dough to buy everything we know we'll just have to have.
  • When you receive your badge in the mail, it should come with a printed receipt of everything you pre-ordered (t-shirts, programs, etc...) so you don't have to go through 6 months of saved e mails trying to find your order confirmation.
  • Offer autograph/ photo-op packages.
  • If you're in line for a celebrity and they shut the line down for whatever reason, they give you a number corresponding to where you are in line, so the next day or the next time when the line is opened up again, you get that same spot in line and don't have to start all the way in the back.
  • They have separate lines for cash and for credit cards when you're paying for artist prints.
  • Multiple cash registers for the artist's area!.
  • Have us pay the artists directly for the prints.
  • To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of ROTJ, what better way to do it than a photo-op with 30 Slave Leias! (you know I had to fit them in here somewhere)
  • A talent competition. Call it: “Star Wars Idol”.
  • A photo-op where they put you into a picture with George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, and the late Richard Marquand.
  • Speaking of, some sort of memorial to Richard Marquand.
  • Have Dave Filoni as an autograph signer
  • Get signers from all over the SW universe, not just the movies and T.V. show, what about the Ewok Adventures, the voices from the video games, the old “Ewoks” and “Droids” cartoon series, and the SW Christmas special.
  • should have their own booth (right across from the 30 Slave Leia photo-op).
  • Have a Jaime King, Ashley Eckstein, Cat Taber photo-op. (that could be right next to the booth).
  • Slave Leia speed dating. (put that on the other side of the booth).
  • Rancor and Sarlacc photo-ops. (How would they pull that off, you ask? That's for them to figure out, I'm not going to do ALL their thinking for them unless the put me on the payroll).

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