Patience pays off!!

by Bill Cable
on 2010-04-13, 10:18:57

Dateline - Atlanta: Dragon*Con 2008. On entering the lower-level dealer room on the first day of sales, our hero - Mr. Cable - finds a Medicom "VCD" 3PO for sale at one of the first booths he comes across. Sale price is $60.00. Mr. Cable is a cheap, cheap bastard, and isn't sure whether he wants to spend that much money, so after agonizing over the decision whether to buy the toy at all he decides to ask the dealer if the price is negotiable. While attempting to flag down the dealer, another collector snatches the 3PO off the table and pays for it. Mr. Cable leaves empty handed...

Ever since that day I've been scanning eBay for one of these VCD 3POs. They were more pricey online than I anticipated, especially factoring in the cost of shipping. Most were in the range of $100 shipped from Japan. It's a cool figure I really wanted. But I figured that if I waited long enough I'd eventually find one for a comparable cost to what I could have gotten the figure for at Dragon*Con.

I waited long enough.

So the lesson here, folks - patience works! Keep that in mind the next time you consider overpaying for something you can't find on the pegs.

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