Thirteenth Anniversary Contest

So you have aspirations of fortune and glory, do you? Fair enough. Please fill out the form below to enter the contest. Make sure you complete all fields requested, otherwise nothing will happen. We will contact the winners via E-mail, so please confirm yours is entered correctly before submitting. Limit one entry per household.

PRIVACY NOTICE: Your personal data will not be shared with or sold to any other entity.

CASTLE GRAYSKULL SPECIAL NOTICE: Contest winner will receive one (1) MOTUC Castle Grayskull and one (1) Weapons Rack to go with it. In order to get everything packed together, the Grayskull box will have been opened to put the Weapons Rack inside. While the toys inside will be Mint, the boxes will no longer be classed as "Sealed." Prize will be shipped from the UK. While every attempt will be made to make it clear that this should be exempt from taxes, customs charges, et cetera, it is possible that anyone winning this outside the UK may be slapped with a customs charge upon arrival. Though I will try to mitigate that as best I can, winner must be prepared for that possibility.

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