Happy Birthday to ME!!!
submitted by:Bill Cable 11.24.04 at 12:01am
For the first time in... I don't know... ever, my birthday falls on the same day as my CreatureCantina.com update! Believe it or not, I'm 31 years old. A thirty-one-year-old who runs a Star Wars comedy web site. And collects toys. That's kinda pathetic, actually... But I am married and own my own home, so at least I'm not as pathetic as the 31-year-old guys out there who collect and still live in their moms' basements. That's something, at least.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do for my birthday. I'll be getting some presents and good stuff like that, but I don't really have any "plans." My "plans" so far are to drop off some clothes at Good Will and stop by a department store whose delivery company decided to knock over my mailbox two months ago and not pay for a replacement. Woo woo! Party time!! And sadly, I don't think anything I do today will be really geared towards Star Wars, unless I get around to some drawing. Alas, the Force probably won't be with me.

And I doubt I'm gonna get any Star Wars presents. I mean, it's impossible to shop for a Star Wars collector. We have everything we want already, so anything you'd get me would be a double. And nobody has what I'm really looking for... a MOC Return of the Jedi Removable Limbs C-3PO with the mail-away Anakin offer sticker. So I'll probably end up with a few video games or something. Not one Star Wars toy.

I know my fans are out there now clamoring for my mailing address to send me some Star Wars toys. I appreciate it... I really do! But I think I have a better idea. Rather than mailing me some toys I already have, why don't you mail a few donations to the PSWCS/Garrison Carida Toy Drive. Whatever you have to offer, those kids will genuine appreciate it. And I probably have it anyway. That is unless you're gonna send me an Anakin offer C-3PO, for which I would trade you MY LEFT ARM... well, you can mail that one to me and I'll toss a couple extra of my own toys in the donation box.

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