Disney ripping off the past

by Bill Cable
on 2018-09-19, 07:46:10

So an interesting new thing has popped up in my eBay searches. Of course... it's C-3PO!

CreatureCantina.com Image

What we have here is a new Disney ceramic C-3PO "money box" (because apparently the term "bank" has too many negative connotations). Paging through eBay I can't say for sure ...

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The 12 Days of a Non-Star Wars Christmas

by Darth Danno
on 2018-09-19, 07:26:52

With Solo coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray next week, it got me thinking as to what are Star Wars fans going to do this holiday season with no new film in the theaters to watch and re-watch over and over and over and... Here are some suggestions:

  1. Re-release Solo in the theaters and see how it does if it had been released when all the other new films had come out.
  2. Do a 10 movie marathon.
  3. Do an 11 movie marathon and include The Clone Wars animated film.
  4. Do a 13 movie marathon and include the two Ewok made for T.V. films.
  5. Do a 14 movie marathon and include the Star Wars holiday special.
  6. Boycott the holidays entirely and put aside the money you would have spent on all the movie tickets, swag, etc... to save for all the stuff you're just going to HAVE to buy from Regal Robot.
  7. Save up for Star Wars Celebration in April.
  8. Put yourself in a fruitcake-induced coma. Coming out only on Wednesdays to see what new tidbits of information CC.com has to offer.
  9. Write letters to Santa, stating: All l want for Christmas is Solo 2 to get the green light from Lucasfilm/Disney.
  10. Start planning your yearly vacation to attend the opening of Star Wars Land at either Disney Land or Disney World in 2019.
  11. Any combination of the above.
  12. Spend the time with friends and fam... Ahhhh, who does that anymore! Spend the time watching your fave Star Wars films in the comfort of your own home. It's winter for crying out loud! It's cold, dark, the roads are slippery, and no matter how good you are, Daisy Ridley will not be sitting under your tree come Christmas morning.

P.S. A big Happy Birthday to yours truly as this coming Sunday, the 23rd I'll be turning the big 5-0!

Setting the record straight

by Darth Danno
on 2018-09-12, 06:53:21

I've heard from multiple persons online that Solo lost money due to its budget being $500 million. I have checked numerous online sources and cannot find that figure anywhere. Below are some of the figures I found, and their sources:

  • Google – at least $250 million
  • Screenrant – over $250 million
  • Variety – ...

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CreatureCantina interviews TOM SPINA!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-09-05, 07:30:10

Over the weekend I was presented with a singular opportunity - an invitation to visit Tom Spina Designs, the studio where Mr. Spina (rhymes with Cantina) does his restoration work. It was a very private, hush-hush affair... so hush-hush that I can't even tell you about the stuff I saw! ...

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Final Frontier Toys celebrates with HUGE DISCOUNTS!!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-09-05, 07:26:47

To celebrate Kenner's Star Wars Toys original release of 40 years ago we proudly announce....
All MOC and Loose Star Wars are 40% OFF! All MIB and other items are 20% off.

CreatureCantina.com Image

Our 25th Anniversary Grand Finale Super Mega Sales Event Concludes with...40% OFF Star Wars.

ALL TOYS 20 - 50% OFF for the next week. Transformers 50% off, GI Joe 20% off, MOTU 20%, Star Trek 20-50%, TMNT 50% and much, much more. Hurry to get the stuff you want. Sale ends next week on Wednesday September 12th!

Here’s what Regal Robot now has to offer!

by Darth Danno
on 2018-09-04, 12:36:48

Received the below from Tom Spina himself and just HAD to share!

I wanted to give you a heads up about several new items debuting at Regal Robot Monday, September 3rd, and we’re offering introductory free shipping on them for a limited time!

New items include two Han Solo Carbonite themed wall art sculptures: a 17.5" size which pairs well with our large Mandalorian skulls, and a mini sculpture version at 6.5". All made in the USA and with movie style weathering, hand painted by our artists in our NY studio. The piece was developed with a scan of the original film prop in the archives and we teased this piece at San Diego Comic Con in July.

CreatureCantina.com Image

We're also announcing a new cafe table, based on the floor of the Carbonite Chamber on Bespin, featuring art by Star Wars illustrators, Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff. It comes in two sizes (table and bar height) and has a glossy printed top made in the USA. Also - ALL cafe tables have free shipping during this introductory sale.

CreatureCantina.com Image

The code FREESHIP is required for that discount, and it will apply to the new items and Star Wars cafe tables only.

News entry about the new products and sale - http://www.regalrobot.com/news/new-star-wars-han-carbonite-free-shipping/

Han Solo Carbonite Mini Plaque - http://www.regalrobot.com/shop/star-wars/starwars-art-sculpture-decor/han-carbonite-mini-plaque-wall-decor/

Han Solo Carbonite Plaque - http://www.regalrobot.com/shop/star-wars/starwars-art-sculpture-decor/han-solo-carbonite-plaque-wall-decor/

Carbonite Chamber Cafe Table - http://www.regalrobot.com/shop/star-wars/starwars-furniture/carbonite-chamber-cafe-table/

PSWCS.org BB-8 medallion sale ENDS SOON!

by Bill Cable
on 2018-08-27, 12:46:27

We won’t tell you the odds, but we will tell you that time is running out…

CreatureCantina.com Image

The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS) has a limited number of their two pack charity medallions remaining. Purchase both, their newest medallion Luke Skywalker to support The ARC of Pennsylvania and their BB-8 medallion to support No Warrior without Help. For only $23.99 shipped in the US you can support two great charities! Purchase these before midnight on August 29, or until supplies run out to get this great deal!

The ARC of Pennsylvania, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has 33 chapters throughout the state, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. They provide advocacy services, early intervention, housing, home-care assistance, day supports, respite and job training for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities - including Down syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy. They also provide support services for their family members and friends.

No Warrior without Help, based in Central Pennsylvania, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides direct financial support to assist wounded veterans as well as train service dogs.

The Long Game

by Tresob Yr
on 2018-08-27, 09:54:32

Coming soon...on a geologic time scale!

CreatureCantina.com Image

Why don't you tell us what you really feel?

by Bill Cable
on 2018-08-22, 07:05:44

So yeah... Facebook.

Last week an image popped up on my news feed from the Star Wars Fans group. I joined that group so I could promote the PSWCS.org charity medallions to a wider audience. Otherwise I barely pay attention to it. But this image was an analysis of ...

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Star Wars does a monster movie, and other ramblings

by Darth Danno
on 2018-08-22, 06:41:50

With the success of films featuring prehistoric sharks, giant apes, flying wolves, alligators the size of semi trailers, etc… it makes me wonder what would happen if down-the-line, a Star Wars stand-alone film had one of its big beasties as the main character. Now I know the Clone Wars had a three story arc on the Zillo beast, but my first thought would be one involving the Gorog, but you wouldn't want to call it ”The Gor” because people would get it confused with GORE and think it's too violent! Just what the fanbase needs, more fuel for the hate mongers and SJW's (Social Justice Warriors, in case you didn't know) to rant and blog about ad nauseam. Frankenstein had fire, the werewolf had silver, vampires have sunlight, holy water, & wooden stakes, and Star Wars has Social Media. It's nice to see Kelly Marie Tran has spoken out about the harassment that caused her to leave social media. I hope she comes to SWC next Apr so she can see and feel all the love the REAL SW fans have for her. I hope Daisy Ridley comes as well, but more so she can see and feel all the love one SW fan in particular has for her. So before my fantasies get the best of my writings, I'm going to stop here and go take a very long, very lonely, and VERY cold shower..

P.S. It's hard to believe that tomorrow (Thu) marks the two year anniversary of my Father's passing. Rest in peace Dad, I love you, miss you, and not a day goes by I don't think of you.

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