Hasbro Q&A: A week late and a question short
Posted by: Bill Cable 04.25.07 12:01am
I got these answers on 4-13, but completely forgot to post them last week. I guess it was that whole "so sick I couldn't get out of bed" thing... made me lose my focus. But better late than never!

I knew if we tried hard enough we'd put together a question that Hasbro would refuse to answer. It only took three sessions. I'm going to include the question despite the fact that they ignored it because the question is just THAT DAMNED FUNNY...

Now for the questions...

CreatureCantina.com: Since I have spent something like two hours boiling, straightening, and resolidifying several squads' worth of warped Clone Trooper legs to get them to stand properly, could you please look into packaging further Clone and Stormtrooper figures in a more static pose to prevent leg-warping? It would be greatly appreciated!

Hasbro: Which packs specifically were at issue? We strive to make sure we deliver a product that can perform (stand) as expected - let us know and we will look into it for future releases.

CC: When is Hasbro going to release a Sarlacc playset, a space slug, or a Dejarik table? I get so tired of always simulating the Death Star explosion by having to tape M-80's to all my Imperial figures. I think it would be much more entertaining to throw them into the Sarlacc and have them slowly be digested for the rest of my life, or watch them be bitten in half by the space slug, or even better, use them as pawns in a Dijarik game and the Mantellian Savrip can twist them into a pretzel.

H: Ah but there's the rub - we could not officially promote the throwing of plastic action figures into a live Sarlacc because it would cause digestive problems and the Society Protecting Organic & Otherworldly lifeForms (SPOOF) would be all over our case. Same with the torture caused to creatures by endless matches of Dejarik! So we decided that officially, we are not going to be pursuing any ideas involving live versions of any Star Wars creatures. Except Hoobjibs. We keep those around to drain power from the Marvel team's computers, which is actually pretty ironic if you think about it.

CC: How would you rate the feasibility/marketability of the custom accessory depicted in the following eBay auction:
These items were created by CreatureCantina.com webmaster Bill Cable as a byproduct of a more elaborate custom, but they themselves stand up as a pretty nice pack-in. In my opinion, no droid and no female action figure is complete without one! What do you say?

H: *chirp* *chirp*