Action Figures & Their Beers' 100th Review! - Triple Threat

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-11-19, 07:34:22


For my 100th Action Figures & Their Beers review – yes, I counted, including boozes and beverages, but not counting series wrap-ups, tangents, or bizarre diversions like Action Figures & Their Chocolate Bars – I wanted to do something special, so I’m presenting a very special beer: one of my favourites, but getting harder to find in my area. Brace yourselves for a beer that’s a heavy hitter in three key areas: taste, potency, and overall quality!

This 7.2% ABV Oxford beer is brewed using three types of malts and three types of hops, so the best faces I have for this brew belong to the three Decepticon Triple-Changers released in modern times: Henkei Astrotrain, Universe Octane (I refuse to call him “Tankor”), and the three-faced Blitzwing from TransFormers Animated. Numerologists, go nuts on this one. Image

As a side-discussion on this version of Blitzwing and his origins, it’s no secret that I’m not fond of animated-style figures. Hell, I glossed over the whole TransFormers Animated phenomenon when it was originally out because I hated the character designs. This was a mistake. When I found out years later that personal hero “Weird Al” Yankovic was involved with the show, I did a bit more research . . . and got hooked, soon snapping up all the DVDs so far released. Gripping and complicated story arcs that carry out over the course of many seasons, really in-depth and often fun and engaging characterisations, a blending of all the best bits of previous TransFormers franchises and adding new stuff while maintaining a healthy respect for what has come before, inside jokes for the die-hard afficionados, and scads of humour for fans of all ages . . . really, I could go on and on and on as to why I think TransFormers Animated is, despite its extremely basic Animé-style artwork, perhaps one of the best TransFormers iterations I’ve yet seen. NOW BRING OUT DVDS OF SEASON THREE SO I CAN COMPLETE MY COLLECTION, DAMMIT!!!

Brakspear Triple comes in individually-numbered bottles of 330 mL (very few strong beers seem to come in the standard-sized ½L bottles), and for such a fine brew in such a small package, you will want to take your time and savour it. From ice-cold to 50° F / 10° C, the flavour doesn’t change that much, staying pretty dang smooth, rich and mellow throughout. Brewed with Crystal, Black, and Pale malts, then hopped with Golding, Styrian, and Cascade hops (and Cascaded a second time during fermentation), it’s supposed to have a dry hop character, but to be honest, the only time I get a dry hop taste to it is several minutes after I swallow a mouthful of this beer, and the slightest suggestion of tangy bitter hop aftertaste presents itself momentarily. The alcohol content isn’t quite high enough to give it the sugary-brandy-butter taste that some high-octane brews have, but it has got some sort of liquor-y component to it which I can’t honestly say is exactly rum (although the Brakspear website says it is), but is more like that of a rum truffle chocolate. Still, I ain’t complaining.

As a depressing closing note, I was unable to find any of this amazing stuff for over six months. I phoned up the brewery, and Brakspear is apparently still making it, but nobody in our area seemed to sell it anymore. Bastards. But then, the Morrison’s supermarket chain started stocking it again recently . . . soon after I took up my chemotherapy injections and had to cut wa-a-a-a-ay back on the alcohol intake. Bastards.

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