Action Figures & Their Beers: Hail to the King

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-04-16, 16:15:07


According to the label on this respectably potent 7.5% ABV India Pale Ale, this beer is “A Masterclass In Brewing Excellence.” (Their caps.) It has also been made “The Official Beer of England Rugby.” Fine, whatever. Sports sponsorships don’t impress me or influence my purchasing power; it’s all about the taste and trying new beers. And this particular beer was around for maybe, perhaps, a week. Haven't seen any since I picked up the two bottles I used for the purposes of this review. Which is a pity . . . . Image

The best figure to match up with this is probably King Hssss (or King Hsss or King Hiss or however Mattel spells it at the moment). ’Cause he wears green, he’s a king, and he’s powerful, that’s why. The back of the bottle’s label reads: “ . . . brewed to emulate the early India Pale Ales shipped during the 18th Century. Pale copper in colour with a fruity nose of spicy, grassy hops and a hint of lychees and pear drops. A digestive biscuit* maltiness is followed by a delicious balance of fruit and bitter spicy hops with a long dry finish.” Yeah, I can sorta see that, but only through the power of suggestion. To me, it mostly tastes like rich, smooth beer with a tinge of liquor (possibly high-quality rum) thanks to the high alcohol content, and a slight bitter aftertaste (perhaps passion-fruit-ish) that fades to a lasting mellow beery tingle thanks to the hops. It’s also uniformly good-tasting from ice-cold to 50° F / 10° C, meaning you can take your time and savour it without it getting skunky and stale-tasting. So in other words, this is good stuff! “A Masterclass in Brewing Excellence” may be overstating it just a tad, but it’s certainly excellent, much better than the standard Greene King IPA, and something to be proud of.

* Note to Americans: a digestive biscuit is the British equivalent of a plain graham cracker. I prefer the chocolate-coated digestives. Those are nummy.

Drink this if you also like: Any other high-quality IPA or strong ale. This will be near the top of the list. If you can find any bottles of this stuff, that is . . . . is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!! This site uses Google Analytics. It does not collect or share any additional user data.
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