Action Figures & Their Beers - The Hunt Is On, Part 4

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2012-03-07, 19:21:09


In Part Four of the Hunter’s Brewery / The Blue Walnut miniseries, we cover a stout. Black Jack is “a premium strong light coloured stout,” triple-hopped and bottle-conditioned “for that authentic pub taste.” The label also comments on its “strong malty flavour with a bitter sweet finish.” In addition to Hunter’s usual beer ingredients, and their own unique blend of honey and golden syrup, this 6% ABV stout is also made with pineapple juice! Image

The “light stout” means that it’s not an opaque black colour. You can shine a light through it, and actually see through the other side of the glass; it’s actually a nice, clear, very dark rich brown. Which links us to the name: Black Jack. It’s named after the family’s Jack Russell terrier, and “black” Jack Russells are never really fully black. It’s also named in honour of a childhood black Jack Russell the brewmaster once owned. The beer itself is remarkably delicious. It doesn’t have the same usual face-collapsing bitter aftertaste as with some stouts; all the bitterness is melded with the acidity of the pineapple and soon fades into a nice, mouth-watering tang. Wonderful! Alcohol alchemy at its best!

Anywho, the only black-dog-based action figure(s) I can pull out from my collection is the pairing of Mutt & Junkyard from G.I. Joe.

Drink this if you also like: Guinness, other stouts, something less cringe-inducing than other stouts.

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