We'll make this quick!!

by Darth Danno
on 2014-11-26, 06:33:53

I know everyone is in the throes of either getting ready to leave for the Thanksgiving holiday, getting your homestead ready for visiting company, trying to get all the necessary ingredients together for the big meal, etc... So I'm not going to take up too much of everyone's valuable time.

For ...

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With Thanksgiving almost a week away, one person I'm thankful for is...Tom Spina!!

by Darth Danno
on 2014-11-19, 11:31:09

Hello there,

We hope everyone had a spooktactular Halloween! When we weren't out haunting we were at the studio working on some cool new pieces!

We had the opportunity to create some great faux stone props (out of giant blocks of foam, our favorite!) for a Ralph Lauren window display in their amazing Greenwhich CT location -http://www.tomspinadesigns.com/custom-theme-props-characters-foam-carving-sculpture.html

Before we put that foam away, we created a pair of creepy 11 foot tall cemetery arches for Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia! - http://www.tomspinadesigns.com/custom-theme-props-characters-foam-carving-sculpture.html

Last but not least, pro wrestler Matt Hardy's wife, Reby, commissioned us to sculpt a truly one of a kind birthday gift for the TNA Wrestling star. Click here to see what we created! - http://www.tomspinadesigns.com/Sculpture.html

And on Facebook this week, you'll find great shots of our work restoring an original Michael Myers mask, used in Halloween 5! https://www.facebook.com/TomSpinaDesigns

Thanks once again for reading, we hope you enjoyed our updates and are having a great start to the holiday season!

The mighty Chewbacca!!!

by Darth Danno
on 2014-11-12, 07:03:41

Had to pick up something at WalMart last night and of course, must always peruse the toy isles to see what treasures may lie therein. For some reason, the store I go to has completely gotten rid of all SW toys as far as action figures, playsets, etc... but they do have the Lego sets, and I did see the WalMart exclusive Millennium Falcon in stock, yet they had them at the front of the store by the Christmas stuff and not in the toy section. They had that in the seasonal area, yet no SW Christmas ornaments for sale anywhere???

Anyway, as I was walking around the toy section, I passed by the shelves with all the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and said to myself “Hey self, why not check and see if they have any of the SW racers?” After all, this is where I had found the Luke Skywalker car a few weeks before. (It was the only car they had, and the last one on the shelf!) They didn't have any Luke cars, but that didn't matter to me as I already had that one. They had Yoda, Darth Vader, and a single Chewbacca car...SCORE!!! Snatched that baby up at light speed. So my set is complete, now I just wait for series II to be released into the stores sometime next year, I believe. Hopefully the Force will be with me when it comes to locating those as well. So they are all out there, available and waiting to be given a good home, happy hunting!

Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah...Solo!

by Darth Danno
on 2014-11-05, 07:07:12

Had to stop to have my eyeglasses repaired last night after work, and on the way home, thought I'd stop at Toys R Us as it was on the way, to see what SW goodies they might have.

Lots of “Star Wars: Rebels” stuff, but they didn't have the TRU exclusive ...

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Action Figures & Their Beers - Weird Science & Scary Stuff

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2014-10-30, 17:53:59

It’ll be Hallowe’en in a few minutes, and as I’m going to work dressed as a mad scientist tomorrow (not much of a stretch, I know), I thought I might continue the theme with the final Action Figures & Their Beers article of this latest run . . . .


It’s ...

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It's almost over

by Darth Danno
on 2014-10-29, 06:08:47

We've still got two months to get through before we can officially close the books on 2014, but as far as all the conventions go, we have “Days of the Dead” the end of next month, and that's it. Sure, Wizardworld has cons coming up in Ohio, Tulsa, and Reno, ...

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Action Figures & Their Beers - Preserving Status Quo

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2014-10-25, 15:47:40


Those of you who are more musically astute than myself when it comes to Rock ’n’ Roll (probably at least 87% of you) might notice something about this beer:

CreatureCantina.com Image

First, it was famous chefs getting in on the beermaking. Then, charities got involved. And thanks to ...

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Who's next??!!

by Bill Cable
on 2014-10-22, 07:16:00

Two weeks ago, I shipped out the last of my run of custom-carded Droids Zuckuss figures. It was awesome to get the project wrapped up, and the reception they received is a source of great pride. Amongst the responses: "Wow! Your artwork is absolutely spot-on and really makes the ...

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All the latest from Tom Spina!!!!

by Darth Danno
on 2014-10-22, 06:49:08

Hey Everyone!

We've been working on some great stuff of late! You'll find lots of behind the scenes pics on our Facebook page and our site's been updated with great projects like these:

Several life-sized and realistic Lion puppets we created for a stage production. Check out in-progress, finished pics and even some fun videos on our site.

This Star Wars piece will certainly separate the regular fans from the mega fans! We recently had the privilege to restore one of Phil Tippett's original creatures from the famous cantina scene. You can find pictures of the restoration on our site.

That does it for this issue of the newsletter. Thanks for reading and we wish you all the best in this wonderful Halloween season!

Action Figures & Their Beers - Hit for six!

by Beedo Sookcool
on 2014-10-18, 13:13:30


We conclude our “I’ve Got Lots of Time on My Hands and Need to Accomplish Something” run of AF&TB – but I’ve got a couple of brand-spanking-new ones to follow! – with a real doozy. What we’ve got here is something that can go anywhere, tackle anything, and ...

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