Choosing the Light Side

by Bill Cable
on 2015-10-08, 09:22:51

A few weeks ago, was invited to #chooselightside or #choosedarkside by our friends at Hasbro. This was for some social media promotion thing they were doing. We polled our readers, and ended up going with the good guys.

Today I was surprised by the FedEx truck! Image Image

The box was quite large! Though it wasn't particularly heavy. I was overcome with curiosity. I whipped out a razor and opened it up... Image

The box contained a letter from Hasbro detailing the contents and promising more to come in the future! Image

Inside I found a very Wookiee-centric trove of Hasbro products. Lots of role play toys. One Black Series Chewie. And one Titanium Speeder. Very cool stuff! Image Image Image Image Image Image

Being an ardent C-3PO fan, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to hoping for something a bit more golden-hued. But you can't go wrong focusing on ol' Chewie.

My nephew is going to have a blast with the mask and sabers. That Nerf gun - that one's all mine! But we at want to pay this forward to our loyal readers - so check back next Wednesday where we will give you details on how you can enter to win either a Black Series Chewbacca or a Titanium Series Rey's Speeder!

Sith-Mania 2015!!!

by Darth Danno
on 2015-10-08, 07:35:26

That’s right Force fans, Sith-Mania is back and better than ever. For the rest of October, we’ll be bringing you some EPIC match-ups between the Star Wars galaxy and none other than the…Marvel Universe! And why not start things off with two opponents who will wage metal against metal. So ...

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Star Wars Card Trader Jawa auction for charity

by Bill Cable
on 2015-10-07, 09:20:27

Wanna support a great cause and own an uber-rare digital trading card? Check this out:

If you play Star Wars Card Trader, you're probably aware of the Jawa Monument chase that started last night. There have only been 4 created so far and it has the potential to become the rarest card in the game.

A handful of us decided last night to crowd source the chase and we wound up completing it at 1am last night. We had 3 people concurrently logged into the account and constantly trading inserts for Jawas. It took us roughly 12 hours to finish it from starting at only 2 Jawa.

Since it's breast cancer awareness month, we have decided to list the card on eBay and donate 100% of profits to breast cancer research. We are guessing the card will sell somewhere between $300-$1000 depending on final counts.

Droids Walrusman - presented in glorious Technicolor

by Bill Cable
on 2015-10-07, 08:01:42

Typically I don't share my in-progress colors on my customs. But I figured someone out there might find it interesting, so what the hey... Image

My first step in coloring a piece is to map out the various colored regions. Then I fill those spaces, in distinct layers, with a "base color." For this piece, I have right now 23 layers in my Photoshop file. One of the things I've learned with experience is that it's very helpful to name the layers something meaningful... you don't know how many hours I've wasted looking for a character's pupils among different "Layer 1, Layer 2... Layer 31"...

The next step, which I've begun, will be to add shadows and highlights. Then after that, textures. Then I flatten all the color layers, wash them out to match the style of the Vintage cardbacks (and compensate for the ultra-saturated printing of my color laser printer), and then we'll be all done!

3PO Score - KSZ bootleg LEGO!

by Bill Cable
on 2015-10-07, 07:32:28

This week I picked up an item I'd been hunting for for about half a year or so. It's a bootleg Bionicle-style C-3PO set. I first saw one of these on eBay back in like March - a seller from Nevada had a set of the entire wave. I only ...

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Infinity 3.0…The Second Wave

by Darth Danno
on 2015-10-01, 06:58:25

The next wave of SW figures hit the shelves this past Tuesday with the addition of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, the Rise Against the Empire Playset and the Power Disc pack. In addition, the figures that were originally exclusive to certain stores like GameStop, TRU, Target, etc… can now be purchased anywhere. The only other figure that I see scheduled to be released this year is Darth Maul, but he doesn’t come out until 11/3. Then it’s all about the new Battlefront game. Can’t wait to see/hear what they have planned for release in 2016.

Now if we can just get the tickets for “The Force Awakens” to go on sale. It opens in less than 80 days and I’m sure there are those of us who would love to get in line already. I mean, what else do we have to look forward to? We’ve got the sugar rush the end of October, Turkey day the end of next month…nah, we got nothing else to really look forward to between now and then.

Droids Walrusman - Inks are complete!

by Bill Cable
on 2015-09-30, 07:42:00

Hello again art lovers and potential patrons! I come to you today with a brief update on the progress of my next Droids Custom - Walrusman. I've finished inking the art. I'm happy with it. It tells the story I hoped to tell.

Now I move on to the arduous task of coloring the thing. That's where the piece really comes to life, but it's also by far the most effortful and time-consuming process. So see you in a few months... if we're lucky! Image

Actually, I don't expect it to take that long. It all depends on how well I manage my time in the evenings. I've done a better job recently juggling MGS5 and art over the past couple weeks. But then Disgaea 5 comes out next week...

For the collector who has everything...

by Bill Cable
on 2015-09-23, 08:07:57

I thought I'd seen it all. From the mundane to the explicit, you can buy Star Wars anything. I didn't ever think I'd see another product that surprised me. Then came along Kotobukiya.

From the people who introduced us to lightsaber chopsticks and every manner of silicone ice trays (not to mention awesome statues), I now present - Star Wars Egg Shapers! Image

What the heck is an egg shaper? If you cracked an egg into these things, wouldn't it glop all over the place? I was confused and intrigued. So I asked Kotobukiya. And they told me these shapers aren't used to cook the eggs. They're used on already boiled eggs. You shell it before it cools, then press it into the shaper. They warm egg will reshape into your favorite Star Wars character.

I'm greatly looking forward to the next time Kotobukiya introduces something that we never knew we needed or was even possible. Until then, you can pre-order your Star Wars Egg Shapers right here!

Force Friday - The Aftermath

by Darth Danno
on 2015-09-23, 07:45:36

Went to a more local TRU on Sept 11th (a week after Force Friday) to see what they had to offer, which wasn’t much, sure, the aisles still had a lot of merchandise, but it was all the stuff that collectors such as myself had passed over the week before. The only figures they had from the black series were those they had pre-FF. I did find a cool book I had never seen before, one that told the stories of the original trilogy w/ sound and voice clips, so the trip wasn’t a total loss.

Then I headed to Wal-Mart and their shelves were even barer. There was one black series figure of Finn, some of the micro machines, and that was pretty much it. So absolutely nothing to pick up there.

I ended up ordering some other items online like the Furbacca, and got the black series Constable Zuvio on eBay. With the holiday season just around the corner, I simply figured it would be so much easier to purchase those items I required for my collection that way, plus I wouldn’t have to spend any $$$ on gas. I’ve pre-ordered the exclusive SW Playstation 4 with the new Battlefront game, that’s my Christmas present to myself, now if Santa would just bring me the money to pay for it…

P.S. Today, 9-23 is my birthday, turning the big 47, woo hoo!!!

Droids Walrusman - the fine details!

by Bill Cable
on 2015-09-16, 09:48:56

I wanted to share with you a more detailed photo of the Droids Walrusman pencils so you can see exactly what's going on there. It tells a bit of a story. Walrusman and his buddy Dr. Evazan have procured a crate which Droids series regular Thall Joben wants back. Walrusman begs to differ. And scene.

The villains are in scuba gear because the escape route is not entirely land-based. I really wanted to set up Evazan with the whole backpack tank, but then I realized Jedi were using those little mouth-based breather things 40 years before this action would have happened, so a big air tank made no sense. So I made due the best I could. Image

I still haven't touched this art since I took the photos. MGS5 owns my life right now. But maybe I can break away sometime soon to finish up the pencils. Until then... is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its licensees... damn them to hell. Can't they see a golden opportunity when they see it? Buy us, you fools! You already own our souls and all our money... buy US!!!
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