And now a word from Tom Spina!

by Darth Danno
on 2016-12-07, 07:39:02

Welcome Friends!

We hope everyone's having a great start to the holiday season!

We had a nice treat when the famed Mythbuster Adam Savage visited our studio. You'll find great photos from his visit on our Facebook page, along with lots of other glimpses behind the scenes here at our studio.

On our website you'll find a number of new projects, including a heroic custom mannequin and themed display for an original Captain America Costume that was worn by Chris Evans. This is a gorgeous display that not only featured his WWII era clothing but also his vintage style shield and the iconic red, white and blue costume elements.

There have been other great updates to the site as well so please check out our news feed to see what else is new!

Advent Calendar Micro-Review: Day 6 “Sam-I-Am”

by Tresob Yr
on 2016-12-06, 20:14:47 Image

Oh, G.I.Joe: Retaliation, you were almost a good movie. Better than your predecessor and certainly better than the live action Transformers, but still not quite there, yet. It is telling that probably the best figures to come out of this movie weren’t even based on ...

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Advent Calendar Micro-Review: Day 5 “Bastila Day”

by Tresob Yr
on 2016-12-05, 20:23:35 Image

Oh, man, I just realized she has a little splotch of missing paint on her forehead. Image


Not. Image


See. Image

Flaw. Image

Figure Name: Bastila Shan.

Figure Nickname: The Lady on the cover ...

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Advent Calendar Micro-Review: Day 4 “A Sight for Thor Eyes”

by Tresob Yr
on 2016-12-04, 20:41:24 Image

Beta Ray Bill. Beta Ray Bill. What to do with Beta Ray Bill...

Did you know that Beta Ray Bill was voiced by Steve Blum in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Did you know that Steve Blum kinda-sorta looks like BILL Cable?

Did you know Bill Cable owns a replica Mjolnir? Just like Beta Ray Bill?

Beta Ray BILL.

BILL Cable.

Coincidence? Image

I think not. Image

Figure Name: Beta Ray Bill

Figure Nickname: Super Mr. Ed, or The Alien Cosplayer What Cosplays as Thor.

Line: Marvel Universe Image

The good: Look at this guy. He is magnificent in his completely awkward absurdity and will utterly perplex all of your hipster-geek friends who will have no idea what to make of him. They’ll recognize the Thor parts—sure, they are big fans of the Avengers, you know—but then they’ll see that horse-like mug and be utterly clueless. Congratulate yourself, uber-geek, on your refined taste and superior awareness of pop culture obscurities.

The bad: The collectible comic shot has to be one of the worst accessories ever included with an action figure line. Basically, it just tries to make the packaging a selling point. Image

Why do I have this figure: S.A.L.E. Plus, he seems like he is going to become an Internet meme someday, and I wanted to look like an early adopter.

For whom would this make a good gift: Someone who is disappointed that they can’t find a Deadpool figure, but who isn’t knowledgeable enough to want Death’s Head. Image

Mrs. Tresob’s final word: “Is this supposed to be Thor?”

Advent Calendar Micro-Review: Day 3 “Bring me a dream”

by Tresob Yr
on 2016-12-03, 20:20:48 Image

I guess this isn’t so much a comment about this particular figure, but I like that Hasbro keeps a solid assortment of villains in its non-movie 3.75” Marvel lines. Movie toy tie-in lines always suffer from a dearth of baddies. You end up with ...

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Advent Calendar Micro-Review: Day 2 “Buzz, Buzz”

by Tresob Yr
on 2016-12-02, 19:34:09

How do you expand your toyline when your media tie-in only has a limited number of onscreen characters due to budget demands? Well, one solution is to release countless rescales and repaints of the same character...over...and over...and over again. This brings us to today’s action figure: Quickblade Bumblebee.

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Advent Calendar Micro-Review: Day 1

by Tresob Yr
on 2016-12-01, 20:43:42

Day #1: A Bridge Toryn Farr

Hello readers! Welcome to the Action Figure Micro Review Advent Calendar! Image

Basically, I found this tub of unopened figures in my very cramped basement. And, well, I had to find a way of consolidating the mess, so I’ll be opening at ...

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What a difference a week makes!

by Bill Cable
on 2016-11-30, 07:56:16

In an article last week I bemoaned the lack of news to cover here on I said I couldn't find the 6" Black Series Wave 2, and I didn't want to complain again that I hadn't had the opportunity to buy Rogue One tickets yet.

Then Black Friday happened, and I stumbled upon this beauty: Image

And then Sunday night (technically Monday morning) I had the opportunity to snag some preview night tickets to R1.

All this has led me to a stunning realization - my posts here on must be MAGIC! How did I not see this before?? So, in that light...

I still have nothing to write about! There's the mythical Vintage ROTJ C-3PO w/ Removable Limbs figure with the Anakin Sticker offer which I doubt I'll ever find in Pittsburgh. I could complain again that I haven't found a million dollars lying on the street yet... but lame. And there's always that 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl victory...

Now,, work your mystic miracles!

We got tickets!!!!!

by Darth Danno
on 2016-11-30, 07:37:51

Tickets finally went on sale this past Sunday, Nov 27th at 11:01 pm my time. Remembering what happened last year when "The Force Awakens" tickets went on sale, and so many people were online trying to purchase them that it crashed the servers, I decided to buy them directly from ...

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No gnews is bad gnews...

by Bill Cable
on 2016-11-23, 09:52:35

So I'm sitting her brainstroming for something to post on this week, and I'm coming up empty. The collecting scene is so, so dead. For modern, we had one wave of toys on "Rogue Friday" and since, nearly nothing. There's the mythical "Wave 2" Black series figures which I ...

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